Hexa Mera release lyric video for ‘Inhuman’

By on 2 February 2017

Hexa Mera have released a lyric video for the track ‘Inhuman’, taken from their self-released second album ‘Enlightenment’ which is out 31 March 2017. You can buy ‘Enlightenment’ here.

Speaking about ‘Inhuman’, guitarist Jan Huygens explained:

“‘Inhuman’ stands for all the messed up things we’ve done. Ironically, humanity is the most inhuman thing there is. Every single day various channels remind us of a simple truth: violence is everywhere, and violence doesn’t sleep. We wanted to write a song to condemn all of this. Writing the lyrics was easy, finding footage of our species’ misbehaviour even more so. But selecting the scenes wasn’t. We watched hours of messed up footage. We had to take breaks because it became too much. We were totally overwhelmed. In the end we became immune to the gore, the sick and our own moral barriers. Management stepped in because we were taking it too far. The video didn’t need all the blood and explicit imagery to deliver the message, it had to be clear without going overboard. We didn’t create this one to enjoy, we created it to open your eyes and face humanity’s inhumanity. That’s what this track is about.”

Hexa Mera are:

Yannick Schmit – Vocals
Pierre Baudez – Drums
Niels Van Roy – Bass
Mathias Vergaelen – Guitar
Jan Huygens – Guitar

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