‘Metallica: Through The Never’ Reviewed

By on 4 October 2013


Metallica’s new 3D movie ‘Through The Never’ has been the cause of much hype lately, with its combination of live performance footage with an action packed narrative – but is it actually any good? Terrorizer’s Rob Sayce went along to find out…

A fusion of cutting-edge concert film and surrealistic narrative, ‘Metallica: Through The Never’ is essential viewing for even casual fans of the Four Horsemen. Fire, lightning, Lady Liberty having a bad day at the office… it’s all here in blistering 3D, beaming one of the world’s most explosive live shows straight into your unsuspecting eyeballs. These concert scenes are definitely the film’s strong point, taking in a career-spanning setlist (effectively a condensed ‘greatest hits’) and world-class gurning from everyone involved, all backed by the kind of spectacle only Metallica could deliver.

Elsewhere the much mooted story scenes are less effective, a vaguely coherent string of violent and horrifying vignettes, set in motion by young roadie Trip (Dane Dehaan) and his search for a mysterious briefcase/MacGuffin. It never really adds up to much, Dehaan is required to spend ninety percent of his time either blankly confused or running away from things. Ultimately, it’s just an intriguing distraction from the main event, the band’s performance that is cinematic enough in its own right, and builds to an appropriately cataclysmic finale. It’s a qualified success but still a resounding one, ‘Master Of Puppets’ and ‘One’ more powerful and dramatic than virtually anything else you’ll see at the cinema this year.

WORDS: Rob Sayce

‘Metallica: Through The Never’ is released exclusively on IMAX screens today.

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