Terrorizer does Damnation Festival: Welcome to Damnation, and the first band

By on 5 November 2011

Terrorizer has arrived in Leeds for Damnation Festival – here’s what’s happening.


Terrorizer arrives in Leeds for Damnation in the cold and damp [insert cliché here] to see the local populace/students looking slightly bemused as the horde of hairy people in black descend on the University campus. It’s still the “where are we going? What are we doing?” stage of proceedings with everyone milling around trying to work out what’s going on, so there’s not masses to report yet. We can exclusively reveal that there are a load of fucking brilliant Wormrot t-shirts being worn, and that we are yet to see a Turisas warpaint job.

We also managed to see Humanfly sound like they wanted to smash our skulls open and climb inside. The festival is getting under way, and the carnage is just beginning.

Keep checking back for more (distinctly more informative) news, as-they-happen reviews and a plethora of shits ‘n’ giggles.


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