Terrorizer does Damnation Festival: Tursisas, Evile, Altar Of Plagues, Grand Magus

By on 5 November 2011


Here’s some of our highlights so far from Damnation Festival.


You know what you’re going to get with the powerful Finns by now – big tunes, big charisma and big fun. The sound might be bollocks (as it has been all day on the Jager stage), but thankfully it hasn’t stopped Warlord sounding mighty and if you’re not enjoying this, you’re way beyond our help.


‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’ is what it’s all about. The boys have become men, and the thrash has been taken to all new levels of “fuck you, this is how metal’s supposed to be played”. We joined the ‘Cult’, we were subjects of the ‘Eternal Empire’, and the local boys duly slayed us. Familiarity has definitely not bred contempt with Evile – they’re still ace.

Altar Of Plagues

One of the best bands in the world play one of the most powerful sets we’ve seen in fuck knows how long. The almost unbelievable power of this band’s music has to be seen to be believed. Black metal has once more evolved into a supremely stunning form, and Altar Of Plagues are quite obviously a group with greatness in their path.

Grand Magus

As the beer quota tots up, it’s time for the big metal tunes to come out as Grand Magus take to the stage. JB is once again repping Venom with his outfit choices and he and the band are making a breed of metal older than they are sound vital. HAMMER OF THE NOOOOOOOORRTTTHH!!!


In other news, Tom’s grim-face count and Lee’s chin-stroking tally both exploded during Altar Of Plagues, the perve count at Chthonic was predictably enormous and Darrell hasn’t been seen since Turisas came on. We’re sending a search party into a the beer cellar.

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