Desertfest Preview: The Cosmic Dead

By on 17 April 2014


With only a week to go until Desertfest opens its doors, our countdown continues today with a quick lesson in astrology, courtesy of Scottish psych rock mavericks The Cosmic Dead…

As recently as 2009, scientists were delighted to discover COROT-7b, a new extrasolar planet 489 light years from Earth, with a diameter only about 1.7 times that of the Third From The Sun, and moreover a density and inferred composition similar to that of this planet fast hurtling towards oblivion. All the signs pointed to this perhaps being that rarity, a terrestrial planet outside of our own solar system, and indeed this so-called super-Earth boasted an atmosphere of sorts, but only a particularly thin and unreliable one owing to its extreme conditions. For unfortunately, because of this planet’s extreme proximity to its own sun, a literal sea of molten rock and metal covers its entire surface.

The Cosmic Dead, who’ve traversed from the Glaswegian underground to the THC and DMT-drenched headspace of every visionary deadbeat across Europe and beyond, would consider this place some strange kind of spiritual home. After all, in a landscape where Psych-fests are everywhere and largely dominated by bandwagon-jumpers who’ve watched ‘Dig!’ in smoke-fugged rooms one too many times, this is a band who truly know how to get in touch via heavy amplification to a parallel realm beyond our everyday understanding. Since 2011, they’ve built up a formidable arsenal of uniformly stellar and scintillating platters, including what amounts to four full albums of depraved journeys down a particularly hospitable rabbit-hole of propulsive riffage, skyward kraut-damaged grooves, celestial noise and hypnotic repetition.

Their latest ‘Easterfaust’, just out on Sound Of Cobra/Paradigms records, may even be their deepest trip into the unknown to date. There are stop-off points in the cider-chugging hunting lodge of Hawkwind, the otherworldly dominions of Acid Mothers Temple and the opiated spheres of Can, yet crucially The Cosmic Dead transcend these destinations to head forward as a band with their own co-ordinates firmly in place. Get on board this rickety craft, and you may just end up as close as one can get in the murky Camdenian realm of Desertfest to life in the treacherous land of COROT-7b this April.

WORDS: Jimmy Martin

NAME: The Cosmic Dead

EIGHT WORD DESCRIPTION: Live, Jim, but not as we know it.
MUST-HAVE ALBUM: ‘Inner Sanctum’ (2013)

FOR FANS OF: Hawkwind, White Hills, Pharaoh Overlord
SIGNATURE MOVE: Sending metalheads and veteran acid casualties alike into a blissful hallucinogenic reverie

You can find The Cosmic Dead on Facebook. The band will play Desertfest on Saturday, April 26.

Desertfest takes place on 25 to 27 April 2014 in London, spread out across the Electric Ballroom, the Underworld and the Black Heart. Tickets for Friday are priced at £27.50, whilst Saturday and Sunday are just £32.50 each, and a ticket for the entire weekend costs £87. You can purchase yours here.

For more information, you can visit the Desertfest website, and follow the fest on Facebook and Twitter.

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