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By on 4 August 2014


There’s a time and a place for gore grind – and that’s festival season! As maligned as this subgenre often is, if you’re above the simple joys of downing a few alcoholic beverages and dancing like a lunatic whilst a burly man dressed as a gimp barks into a pitchshifter and hurls himself around with reckless abandon, frankly, you need to stop spending so much time obsessing over obscure black metal demos and get out more.

The Czech Republic seems to spew out more gore grind than everywhere else in the world combined, with varying degrees of quality. Gruesome power trio Spasm are one of the more entertaining proponents of the style, belching forth humongous great slabs of meaty, offal drenched sonic filth with a twisted sense of humour and some seriously sickening vocals. With three full lengths to their name (and a split with Mizar), Spasm have certainly paid their dues and have that jouyously dumb gore grind bounce down to a fine art by this stage.

Spasm will be drawing the festival to a close on Sunday night, so you can expect nothing less than absolute carnage from their set. After three days of heavy drinking and blastbeats, these guys’ big, bouncy grooves should have the whole room pogoing like lunatics. We’ll see you there…

NAME:  Spasm
ORIGINALLY FROM: Prerov, Czech Republic
WEBSITES: Facebook
FIVE WORD DESCRIPTION: According to the band themselves, “Drum ‘n’ Bass gigolo goregrind”!
MUST-HAVE ALBUM/EP: ‘Taboo Tales’ (2011)
FOR FANS OF: Rompeprop, Gutalax, Jig-Ai

Could you tell us briefly how Spasm came into existence?
“Back In 1999 I was thinking about the fact that some of riffs weren’t suitable for my previous band Psychopathie, so I considered starting a brand new band as a side project. It finally happened in May 2000 with Luke and Mana, the band was founded. I wasn’t ambitious at all, we shared the same opinions about Gore Grind. We didn’t realize how “big” the band would be and what we would achieve in those times, it’s like a dream. We are really pleased by the support we have received from our friends and fans, we really appreciate it!”

For the uninitiated, how would you describe your live show?
“If you don’t know how to spend the evening and you want to learn something new in sexual area, you should come to see our performance. It’s an intimate and esoteric fashion show where you can find underwear, nice and strong builds, a swimsuit show and an awesome moderator. You’ll surely get a lot of experience and learn a few tips how to satisfy your wife, girlfriend or friend.”

The Chimpyfest lineup is looking pretty packed this year, who else are you looking forward to seeing over the weekend?
“We almost knew from the first announcements that this volume will be massively packed and full of great bands. I’m looking forward to seeing Nashgul, Massgrav, Skullhog and Crepitation.”

If you were planning your own three day festival, which three headliners would you pick?
“There are many bands that could play there but just few of them might be the headliners at Spasm Fest, haha. But if you want, here we go: Smokie, Bee Gees and Status Quo.”

If you could impart three golden rules for festival survival, what would they be?
“I don’t really know what three golden rules to impart but to be personally, I always carry a condom and money. The rest comes up at the fest.”

What does the future have in store for Spasm after Chimpyfest?
“We are solving the problem with Lukas – drummer, he will leave the band at the end of this year, so we have to find a suitable and great drummer, we would like to finish our next album during the next spring, we may play the second European tour and of course, a lot of gigs and performances.”

And finally, in keeping with the chimpy theme, if Spasm was a primate, which one would it be and why?
“As I see it, I would definitely choose the Bonobo species. It fits perfectly to us because we have kinda a common hobby, haha.”

Chimpy Fest is due to take place from August 15th to 17th at T Chances on Tottenham High Road, London. Tickets are available here, and priced at £25 for the whole weekend. Weekend tickets will also be available on the door at £30, and if you just want to head down for a single day you’ll be looking at £10 on the door.

For more information, you can find the Facebook event page for Chimpy Fest here, or follow Chimpy Fest on Facebook.

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