Chimpyfest Preview: Krupskaya

By on 10 June 2015


In two months time Chimpyfest will be throwing open their doors for a full weekend of blastbeat based bliss, so we continue our countdown today with a look at Krupskaya, Stoke-On-Trent’s finest grindcore export…

Formed back in 2005, Krupskaya spent five years firing out some of the most intense, mind bogglingly technical grindcore the UK had to offer before going on hiatus in 2010. You can’t keep a good band down however, and the quartet reconvened in 2013 – which is just as well, as there aren’t really any other bands quite like Krupskaya. Sure, their violent, stop-start fretboard abuse is reminiscent of fellow UK tech-grinders like Narcosis and Reth, but there’s more of an emphasis on bleak, dystopian atmospheres than all-out sonic warfare. That’s not to say that songs like ‘The Same Dull Echo’ and ‘Cleanse The Infected Souls’ won’t flay the skin from your face with as much vigour as their peers, but there’s a certain sense of paranoia and unease pervading their recorded output that feels pretty damn unique.

NAME:  Krupskaya
WEBSITES: Official site, Facebook & Bandcamp
FIVE WORD DESCRIPTION: The apocalypse in grindcore form
MUST-HAVE ALBUM/EP: ‘Clouds Over Pripyat’ (2006)
FOR FANS OF: Narcosis, Noisear, Discordance Axis

Could you tell us briefly how Krupskaya came into existence?
Alex (vocals): “Formed in late 2005 from the ashes of Kzch and FuckHatePropaganda.”

For the uninitiated, how would you describe your live show?
Ed (drums): “A bloody, sweaty mess, and that’s just from the pre-gig toilet visit. It’s hard to describe what makes your own inaudible din particularly special, but at the very least I’m confident in saying it’s always ‘memorable’. Whether or not that’s for good or bad reasons is anyone’s guess.”

Tim (guitar): “Like Judas Priest at their coke fuelled best or Iron Maiden without an audience.”

Matt (bass): “Just full on and loud without any pretentious macho bullshit.”

The Chimpyfest lineup is looking pretty packed this year, who else are you looking forward to seeing over the weekend?
A: “Gride.”

M: “As we can only make it down on the Sunday I’m not gonna think about how much good fast I’m missing so – Gride, Suffering Mind, Krush, Verge, Jack and Horsebastard… gonna catch Deathtoll 80k, Whoresnation and the Afternoon Gents on their tour though.”

E: “Much as I enjoy the music, I don’t honestly follow that much grind/hardcore, so I’m more excited to be introduced to something new than anything else.”

T: “Dead Infection.”

If you were planning your own three day festival, which three headliners would you pick?
A: “Internal Damage, Wojzczech and Helloween.”

T: “Priest, Maiden and Sabbath all in classic line ups.”

E: “Louis Armstrong, Nile, Belinda Carlisle – the only artists in history capable of following each other.”

M: “I’d get some bands ticked off me list – Dystopia, The Body/Thou collab set and Extortion or Have A Nice Life. During each day it’d be back to back awesome bands that me mates from all over the world play in.”

If you could impart three golden rules for festival survival, what would they be?
A: “Bog roll.”

E: “Spit guard.”

T: “Drink and smoke as much as possible but without rolling around in your own puke.”

M: “Watch the bands, don’t be a dick head and remember to buy food as well as vinyl.”

What does the future have in store for Krupskaya after Chimpyfest?
T: “Recording, writing.”

E: “A Christmas single.”

M: “Having done our Russia/Ukraine tour, fest in Iceland and Chimpy, getting our split 7” with The Homeless Is Dead out and getting on with the album would be good to finish off the year.”

A: “Going back to Asia, maybe a short euro tour, I’d like to go to South America.”

And finally, in keeping with the chimpy theme, if Krupskaya was a primate, which one would it be and why?
T: “Barbary Ape because they get in your face and are pretty loud.”

E: “Sods law dictates that it would be one of the ones bred for animal testing, so I’ll just go for which ever one is most accustomed to flinging their own shit.”

A: “Proboscis cos they look like dickheads.”

M: “All the above.”

Chimpyfest is due to take place from August 14th to 16th at T Chances on Tottenham High Road, London. Tickets are available here, and priced at £31 for the whole weekend, or £11 per day.

For more information, you can find the Facebook event page for Chimpyfest here, or follow Chimpyfest on Facebook.

In addition to Chimpyfest, Krupskaya will be playing the following shows:
25th July Minsters Bar, Stoke-On-Trent (Facebook event page)
31st July Rekjavik -TBC
1-2 Aug Nordanpaunk fest -Iceland

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