Fenriz’s favourite Earaches – #7: Bolt Thrower

By on 7 December 2012

Earache connoisseur Fenriz continues to school us on his favourite Earache records.

Bolt Thrower 'Realm of Chaos'

Bolt Thrower ‘Realm of Chaos’

7    BOLT THROWER    ‘Realm Of Chaos’   (MOSH 13)   1989

A grower, this one.  First it was annoying that the bass-drumming was so OFF, it was a saying in Darkthrone – “Bolt Thrower bass-drumming”.  But as the clinical 90s tumbled on, this soon became more and more charming for each listen.  At the time this came out it seemed many bands would sound like this forever, but alas NO and so this remains an original album, full of 2nd SARCRILEGE album riffing (‘Within The Prophecy’, godly) and deep grinding feel.  2nd track ‘Through The Eye Of terror’ became a DJ favourite of mine, the break at 00:50 is one of my fave moments in metal EVER.

 Terrorizer’s Secret History of Earache is available HERE

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