Fenriz’s favourite Earaches – #3: Napalm Death

By on 3 December 2012

Earache connoisseur Fenriz continues to school us on his favourite Earache records.

Fenriz's Repulsion tattoo

Fenriz’s Repulsion tattoo

3  NAPALM DEATH   ‘Scum/From Enslavement to Obliteration’  (MOSH 3/8)  1987/88

“Huge influence on very early Darkthrone, our first demo has at least a couple of nods to this album – also natural because we heard that one of the reasons we liked Napalm Death was their Celtic Frost influenced riffs in between the madness.  We were lucky enough to see them live at BLITZ in Oslo, Mayhem was there (Euronymous and Necro Butcher had visited them in 86/87 already) and even Dead.  I got one of those legendary tour shirts, and ‘Scum’ was just soooo incredibly the IT thing back then, you would not believe.  Absolutely crazy possessed chaos – and grim to boot.”

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