Fenriz’s favourite Earaches – #10: Cauldron

By on 10 December 2012

Earache connoisseur Fenriz continues to school us on his favourite Earache records.

Cauldron  'Burning Fortune'

Cauldron ‘Burning Fortune’

10    CAULDRON   “Burning Fortune”  (MOSH403)  2011 

“Been following them since the Goat Horn (Jason Decay’s old band) days, but when I first heard Cauldron I thought they hadn’t gone organic enough with the sound.  So I let them rest for awhile.  Then I get sent THIS glorious release on vinyl, everything sits right and the are VERY DARING in the song writing compartment, daring to be early 80s-commercial without being disgusting.  Maximum respect and I just envy that they dared. Been trying to spread it but maybe not enough people remember how good the early 80s could be?”

  Terrorizer’s Secret History of Earache is available HERE


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