Fenriz’s favourite Earaches – #2: Morbid Angel

By on 30 November 2012

Earache connoisseur Fenriz continues to school us on his favourite Earache records.

Fenriz's Repulsion tattoo

Fenriz’s Repulsion tattoo

2.   MORBID ANGEL   ‘Altars of Madness’   (MOSH  11)  1989

“Crazy about Morbid Angel we all were, the maniacs of the global metal tape-trading scene, and we already knew ‘Abominations of Desolation’ from tape-trading, and last but not least the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ demo that Nicke A from Nihilist taped me. Therefore the sound of ‘Altars’ disappointed us with it’s clicky bass drums and plastic sound, but it was no problem compared to what modern metal would become.  HOWEVER, the riffs and vocals here were extremely inspiring, also for Darkthrone.  I got my first tattoo ‘cuz of David’s tattoo on the back cover, and the album also has the most revving evil moment in metal EVER – the little bass break in Suffocation.  BESTIAL SOLOS IN THE NORTHERN ABYSS!!!”
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