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London’s prestigious Live Evil festival will be opening its gates this Friday, and with the likes of Nifelheim, Manilla Road, Quartz, Vulcano and Morbus Chron all on the bill this year, this could well be the strongest edition of the festival so far. We asked the festival organisers to give us a run down of the rest of the bands they’ve got lined up for us, and they kindly offered us a pair of tickets to give away too…

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer the following simple question:

The Live Evil organisers work closely with Fenriz himself to ensure maximum quality – but which of the following bands has NOT featured the iconic Darkthrone drummer?

A) Isengard

B) Valhall

C) Neptune Towers

D) Hanoi Rocks

Simply email your answer (along with your name, address and mobile phone number) with ‘LIVE EVIL’ as the email title to to enter.

Whilst you mull that particular brain teaser over (ahem), we’ll hand over to festival organisers Marek Steven and Oscar Tuttiett, who present their definitive guide to this year’s Live Evil…

Manilla Road (USA)

“Maybe the ultimate epic metal band of all time and definitely the most cult band still going. Manilla Road formed in Kansas in 1975 and have never wavered from their devotion to tasteful Heavy Metal escapist song craft. They’re unbelievably amazing live that last time they played the UK I was practically crying with happiness and couldn’t believe they had to stop – even though they played for well over two hours. To Heavy Metal what Pentagram is to doom. Perfect Saturday night headliners. “I sold my soul to Manilla Road” – Darkthrone”

Nifelheim (Sweden)

“These Iron Maiden obsessed blackened metal twins and co. put on one of the most entertaining live shows in the world. Nifelheim have been perfecting the black thrash art since way before it was a ‘thing’ and consistently put out quality albums. And they’re great guys too – you can expect to see them right down the front bashing their fists to Quartz and Manilla Road. This is their first UK show since 2011 and we are completely honoured to host them.”

Quartz (UK)

First London show in 31 years! And maybe the band we’re most proud of putting on this year. Quartz are literally the baby Sabbath, being mates with the Sabs since forming in Brum 1975. Tony Iommi produced their first album, Ozzy sung on it and Geoff Nichols is Iommi’s best mate, quietly playing in Sabbath for 20 years. Rumour is he wrote the riff to ‘Heaven And Hell’. Whatever, they are one genuinely one of top 5 bands which a swathe of amazing material and they still sound exactly like they did in 1982 live (and it’s the exact 1982 live line-up). Even their new merch looks like it’s from ’82. It’s mind-blowing but sad that the UK doesn’t seem to realise what an amazing home grown band we have here.”

Vulcano (Brazil)

“One of the most insane responses we’ve ever had at Live Evil was Vulcano following Ghost’s second ever show on the Sunday night in 2010. The whole room seemed to explode when they came on and understandably so! So we got them back. Vulcano were the first extreme metal band to form in South America – in bloody 1980! They’re also lovely guys and we fully expect the ceiling to cave in half way through their set this year on Sunday night.”

Antichrist (Sweden)

“The best thrash band in the world live? Not going to argue with that mate! Words actually can’t do justice to how completely amazing Antichrist is – you have to experience it live. We have had them every year since 2011 and we seriously considered them headlining this year. Probably next year! They’re on before Manilla Road on the main stage on Saturday night. The sort of guys that would mend your roof at 3am on a Winter night and then party until you wake up at midday. True Vikings and a definite highlight.”

Morbus Chron (Sweden)

“Another bunch of mind-blowing talented Swedes who fit Live Evil’s unwritten remit of being great people too (it’s weird how the best bands are always nice but it’s true!). Frontman and mainman Robba Andersson is the much younger brother of Entombed founder Nicke Andersson and he has the same level of adaptability and unhinged deathly talent. Their 2011 show at Live Evil was one of the most jaw-droppingly intense live shows we’d ever seen. It was clear something insanely special was happening before our eyes. Since signing the Century Media they put out an amazing and original second LP that is well worth downloading and digesting.”

Portrait (Sweden)

“These Swedes (again!) are total troopers who have weathered some line-up difficulties and put out some of the most solid Heavy Metal albums of the last few years. In another reality they would be huge by now and I suspect their time might still come. They are bringing the real steel this year and we were blown away when we managed to get them to play and can’t wait to see them devastate the audience.”

Nocturnal (Germany)

“Relative scene veterans now, with many blackened thrashing miles under their belts and a rare UK appearance. Anyone who was thrashing out in the mid-2000s is going to be rightful excited that these Krauts are invading our shores again finally. Bringing some female energy which is long-overdue to Live Evil as of late!”

Lecherous Gaze (USA)

“North Californian psych punks that are so good that we had to have em! As our inspiration – and benevolent master of music listening – Fenriz said to us when we mentioned booking them this year “…that guitarist of Lecherous Gaze is such a wiz kid! A joy to watch him play”. Oh, and they formed out of the ashes of Annihilation Time which should be all you need to hear if you aren’t already excited.”

Lizzies (Spain)

“So the story goes we were at a great Swedish Festival this Summer and may have imbued some stuff. The first band on at 2pm on a sunny day were Lizzies. Four young ladies from Madrid obsessed with the movie The Warriors and the 1982 sound of Heavy Metal. Suffice to say we were pretty much crying with joy at how good this band were. Total raw rocking energy, great vibes and no bullshit stagecraft. One of the few bands that truly gets the unhinged nature of early Heavy Metal. And instantly one of our favourite bands. Could be this years surprise hit wethinks!”

Bunker 66 (Italy)

“Three piece Sicilian punked up Heavy Metal thrashing so good we had to have them back. These guys are massively rated on the underground for good reason and their material just gets better all the time. How do they do it? They always come and hang out every year anyway so it’s great they can bulldoze the crowd this time.”

Nightmare City (Sweden)

“Maybe the best booking of 2014 if we say so ourselves! Seriously heavy and catchy metal-punk alert featuring Anton from Antichrist and Jocke from the amazing and under-appreciated Witchgrave. It’s sad that the line-up is so strong this year that these guys have to go on first on Sunday, but anyone in the know will be there 3pm sharp for one of the potential highlights of the weekend.”

Wytch Hazel (UK)

“Wytch Hazel have a timeless sound and knack for beautiful song-writing that’s almost on a level with someone like Wishbone Ash at times. Brilliant live. Check them out last on our downstairs stage on Saturday for a masterclass in medieval classic heavy rocking majesty and atmosphere. Recently signed to Bad Omen with a full LP due soon.”

Nocturnal Witch (Germany)

“Teutonic evil thrashing fury to the killer downstairs and first time on UK shores! This three piece share members with Division Speed but they have a slightly more evil sound going on that their German brothers. Their great debut album ‘Summoning Hell’ came out recently on Evil Spell Records. Make sure to check them out downstairs on Saturday afternoon.”

Riddles (UK)

“A seemingly unusual choice but we like anything played with conviction, and Fenriz liked them too making them a Band of the Week when we mentioned them to him. Cheeky chappy Hastings Heavy Hawkwind brit-psych punk that we expect to turn heads with volume and licks. Refreshing to have UK bands coming through now who aren’t just ripping off Electric Wizard or a US sound.”

Deathhammer (Norway)

“Total maniax and we’re proud to say they have become our house band having never missed a year yet. It says it all that they’ve played Live Evil 5 times which is more times that we’ve had festivals! Great guys again and although somewhat legendary for hilarious antics they are a devastating live proposition at all times of day and night! The new album rules too; Evil Power!”

Ranger (Finland)

“These hard n heavy Fins blew the doors off the pre-show AND the main event last year. Jaws were on the floor with the sheer power and energy that the band threw out at the crowd. We’re excited to have them again on Friday night, although the preshow is sold out so tough luck if you snoozed on that one! Still some tickets left for the main festivities.”

Division Speed (Germany)

“What we have here is unhinged high energy thrashing insanity sure to obliterate 100% of all wimps! War obsessed Germans with a likelihood to destroy all the equipment that we lend them before they’ve got through three songs. Very excited to finally see them play after hearing a lot of good things from metal brothers in the past few years.”

Amulet (UK)

“This is my band but I didn’t book us, it was my partner. I think we deserve it anyway now, we’re getting pretty tasty live and the album ‘The First’ just came out, check it out. As someone else said: “Fist-to-the-chops-and-don’t-spill-my-pint grit!””

Words: Marek Steven

The Live Evil Festival is due to take place on the 17th to 19th of October at The Dome, London, and tickets are available now priced at £27.50 for a day, or £38.50 for the whole weekend – a total bargain if you ask us!

You can find Live Evil on Facebook.

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