TerrorizerTV goes behind the scenes of the recent Turisas photoshoot. Watch your fingers…!

By on 19 January 2011

Olli Vanska of Turisas explains what’s behind the band’s new album and things get somewhat bizarre, as Terrorizer’s Ronnie Kerswell-O’Hara catches up with the violinist during an exclusive photoshoot.



“Hi this is Olli from Turisas and you’re watching Terrorizer TV.”

Olli Vanska (OV): “Our new album ‘Stand Up And Fight’ is kind of like a good movie, with epic scenes but also with tragedy, longing, I don’t really know if the ending is happy or not but the drama is there and we’re really happy with that.”

OV: “The photographer is making him do funny stuff, amazing.”

OV: “Give me your fingers.”

Ronnie Kerswell-O’Hara (RKO): “Behind the scenes when he turns his back.”

OV: “No,no,no it looks good.”

RKO: “Tell me about the new look for Turisas.”

OV: “It’s about travelling?? not so much about waving swords, not just the beer drinking, it’s after beer drinking, morning after when they have to go to fight, it’s a bit about medieval ?”

RKO: “It sounds futuristic but historical.”

OV: “Think about how post-apocalyptic are we now, medieval was already ?? I don’t know, you take the Viking hat, you put it in the air, it’s still there somewhere you take the horns off…”

RKO: “And have a drink from the horns.”

OV: “Bit of sip of the beer, but then you go there’s more stuff in life than just waving swords and beer.”


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