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Bonesaw @Fibbers, Dublin – Friday 11 March

An interesting line-up lies ahead and the set from fresh-faced grindcore act Sickener is suitably short for their aural battering. They’re a band with potential, but for now, until a recording emerges, we’ll look on in anticipation. Meanwhile, Belfast’s Zombified exceed many expectations, delivering their set with impressive precision. Cuts from last year’s ‘Outbreak’ EP and new numbers make up their set of ardent death metal. The proceedings take a twist then to that of grim torpor with Dwell In Sun churning out their molesting doom. It’s bleak, dour and appallingly heavy, a mood that’s only accentuated by the severe, harsh bite of the vocals; wonderful stuff.
On something of a similar note, On Pain of Death continue the foul and raw doom deluge, though with their own flavour. Their set of dense gloom builds and builds to its ear shattering crescendo that can only be described as unearthly. They have a new album forthcoming, the overdue follow up to their 2008 demo.
Bonesaw are something to themselves though, bringing back the rapid ferocity. The Scotsmen’s barrage of dirty, brutal death metal is supremely underrated with a solid full length in ‘Sawtopsy’ and various EPs and split releases. The band, seemingly with ease, exemplifies this with an equally solid live showing.  The vocals of Andy Geraghty are grimy, guttural assaults over a thick, gruesome and murky bass as well as the punishing drumming from Calum Carruthers. ‘Voices Within’, from their split with Bone Gnawer, is a particular highlight from the set and closing with the slightly broodier shade of ‘Dark Hallucinations’, their trip to Dublin has proven to be a crushing one.
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