The Morning After: Secrets of the Moon

By on 2 October 2012

WHO: Secret of the Moon, Bethlehem, Dordeduh

WHERE: London, Camden Underworld

HOW’S THE HEAD/NECK/VOICE? All great. Bangovers are for the weak.

THE VIBE: Dordeduh, formed by former Negura Bunget members Hupogrammos and Sol Faur, are majestic, esoteric and simply astounding – a fantastic way to make a debut UK appearance. The high volume of people at the Underworld early for an opening act is testament to this. The venue fills up further for Germany’s Bethlehem, also making their UK debut. Their melancholic black metal goes down a storm with their engrossing performance. Secrets of the Moon secure a slightly smaller crowd but their mysticism and majesty is wholly appreciated and they can add another successful London show to their bullet belts.

THE RIFFS: With organic, Romanian folk, doom-tinged melancholy and thoughtful and intricate black metal on the dark menu, there’s something for every black metaller to sink their teeth into.

THE HANGOVER: Just a couple of beers. All good!

Words: Elena Francis

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