Terrorizer’s Top 50 Albums Of 2014: Part 1

By on 15 December 2014


As 2014 draws to a close, it’s time for everyone’s favourite/least favourite (delete as applicable) time of the year; that’s right, the infamous end of year list. Of course, beyond the inevitable “I can’t believe you put [album x] above [album y]!” arguments, these lists do have their uses, and are often are a great way to stumble across some new music you may have missed at the time of release.

And so, with the huge amount of great records released this year, we decided to try and whittle it down to just 50 records that we think are most worthy of your precious time and hard earned coins. We asked each of our writers for their twenty favourite albums of 2014, assigned their number one choice twenty points, their twentieth choice one point (and so on and so forth), and then totalled up the scores. The results are as follows…

4PNL_1Tray_right_SlitPktleft_D100450. NACHTMYSTIUM ‘The World We Left Behind’ CENTURY MEDIA

In true black metal fashion, Nachtmystium’s career has been fraught with controversy and, sadly, this could be their epitaph. One last helping of deliciously mournful psychedelia from Blake Judd and co. [Andy McDonald]



49. At The Gates49. AT THE GATES ‘At War With Reality’ CENTURY MEDIA

The kings of Gothenburg returned with another ferocious, melodic death metal masterwork. Following up ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ can’t have been easy, but they blew expectations out of the water. [Rob Sayce]




48. Death Penalty48. DEATH PENALTY ‘Death Penalty’ RISE ABOVE

Featuring the unmistakable guitar riffs of Gaz ‘Cathedral’ Jennings, ‘Death Penalty’ is a glorious ride into the world of heavy metal, capturing the spirit of NWOBHM and the glumness of doom. [Darren Sadler]




47. Martyrdod47. MARTYRDÖD ‘Elddop’ SOUTHERN LORD

Consistently innovative and irreverent, Martyrdöd fine-tuned their line in progressively-minded crust punk here. Complete with soaring guitar sections and relentless D-beat rhythms from Jens Bäckelin, this was their finest record yet. [Rob Sayce]




46. Esben And The Witch46. ESBEN AND THE WITCH ‘A New Nature’ NOSTROMO

‘A New Nature’ marks EATW’s transformation the ‘horror pop’ of 2011’s ‘Violet Cries’ to cataclysmically crushing, cliché-free doom. Rachel Davies’ spine-tingling vocals and subterranean bass really drive this powerful release, a real accomplishment. [Miranda Yardley]




45. 11 Paranoias45. 11 PARANOIAS ‘Stealing Fire From Heaven’ RITUAL PRODUCTIONS

Of the two albums 11 Paranoias released in 2014, ‘Stealing Fire From Heaven’ is the strongest, a rare cohesive jam-oriented album, where doom and psychedelic rock converge into one enthralling, hazily atmospheric opus. [Adrien Begrand]



44. Prong44. PRONG ‘Ruining Lives’ STEAMHAMMER/SPV

The ninth album from Tommy Victor features some of his fastest, catchiest tunes since ‘Beg To Differ’, with his trademark riffing in full glorious effect. Snap your fingers, snap your neck! [Ian Glasper]




43. Lord Mantis43. LORD MANTIS ‘Death Mask’ PROFOUND LORE

The jump-scare fast bit in ‘Body Choke’. The keening “death mayayayayask!” in the title track. ‘Three Crosses’ desperate, defiant, beautiful cataclysm of an ending. Epochal, weapons grade self hate. [Benj Golanski]




42. Wolves In The Throne Room42. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM ‘Celestite’ ARTEMISIA

Cascadian black metal duo, always square pegs in the wider BM scene, detach themselves wholly with an album of instrumental, cosmic synthesiser epics. It proves a brilliant left turn. [Noel Gardner]




41. Decapitated41. DECAPITATED ‘Blood Mantra’ NUCLEAR BLAST

With every deliriously abrasive groove and sinewy spiral of reverb coalescing to create a consummately vicious feast of carnage, ‘Blood Mantra’ marks another exhilarating, tautly controlled triumph for these influential Poles.  [Faye Coulman]




40. Conan40. CONAN ‘Blood Eagle’ NAPALM 

Homegrown riff-masters Conan’s cataclysmically heavy ‘Blood Eagle’ came and mercilessly conquered, with its thunderously imposing and hypnotic wall of sound smashing eardrums and offering doomsters both glee and tinnitus in ample measure. [Rich Taylor]




39. ACxDC39. ACxDC ‘Antichrist Demoncore’ MELOTOVE

Satanic straightedge grind/powerviolence/d-beat/crust/punk/hardcore? Are they serious? Regardless, ACxDC’s debut album is one intense and entertaining blast. This Demoncrew deliver sonic hell with a wry smile. [Alex Boniwell]




inso_cover32cmx32cmCMYKprintuse38. INSOMNIUM ‘Shadows Of A Dying Sun’ CENTURY MEDIA

From energised episodes of scalpel-edged shredding to duskily sumptuous riffs and exquisite, crystalline fretwork, the fathomless depth of feeling contained within this quintessentially Finnish epic is nothing short of astounding. [Faye Coulman]



37. Opeth37. OPETH ‘Pale Communion’ ROADRUNNER

As technically astounding as ever but with greater emphasis on melody and classic songwriting, Opeth’s metamorphosis into progressive rock provocateurs is complete on their sublime eleventh studio album, ‘Pale Communion’. [Dean Brown]




36. Mayhem36. MAYHEM ‘Esoteric Warfare’ SEASON OF MIST

Seven years on from the scabrous, grave-scented vibrations of ‘Ordo Ad Chao’, and Mayhem’s genre-defining presence has never been more potent in this gargling, coldly insidious assault on the senses.  [Faye Coulman]




35. Mastodon35. MASTODON ‘Once More ‘Round The Sun’ WARNER

This may be the album that staunch proponents of ‘Lifesblood’ never thought (or wanted to believe) was possible, but who can balk when the song writing so masterfully digs into both the sunshine and shadows? [Kevin Stewart-Panko]




34. The Body34. THE BODY ‘I Shall Die Here’ RVNG

The prolific Rhode Island duo found its perfect match in musician/producer Bobby Krlic (AKA The Haxan Cloak), who deconstructs the band’s doom sound into something darker and harrowing, making for one of 2014’s most original sounding records. [Adrien Begrand]




12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]33. TOMBS ‘Savage Gold’ RELAPSE

Ambitiously merging a concoction of black, doom, post, and every other metal prefix around, ‘Savage Gold’ transcended Tombs’ previous efforts, with its emotive atmosphere positively dripping with insanity, isolation and urban despair. [Rich Taylor]




BookletImposcs5.5.indd32. ORANGE GOBLIN ‘Back From The Abyss’ CANDLELIGHT

Hot on the heels of the Gobin’s twentieth year together, ‘Back From The Abyss’ is once again packed with essential, chest-thumpingly good tunes and the best Goblin songwriting yet. [Steve Jones]




31. Schammasch31. SCHAMMASCH ‘Contradiction’ PROSTHETIC

Schammasch have emerged from relative obscurity with this ambitious concept album, ‘Contradiction’, a double disc that drips with malevolent grandeur and marks this band as a powerful proponent of extreme metal. [Dean Brown]





Click here for albums 30 – 11 in Part 2, and keep your eyes peeled for our top ten in the next few days.

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