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By on 5 September 2016


Lovers of dark crusty hardcore, get excited. Svffer are a crushingly heavy four piece from Germany, featuring members of Alpinist and Unrest – and they’re about to hit U.K. shores for the first time this autumn. Terrorizer’s Serena Cherry caught up with guitarist Benny to see what brutal delights they have in store for us.

“I’m excited and pumped at how it will be for us in the UK!” enthuses the riff monger. “Personally, I have toured the UK before with my old band and because we were basically broke and uninformed, we ran out of money after four days. Mostly because we spent all of it on cider – I think I still have acid reflux from that time!”

Continuing on his past experience of touring the UK, Benny notes that “barely anyone showed up to the shows most of the time and our guitar player was almost beaten up in London because he looked ‘too emo’. So yeah, last time was a mixed bag, but I guess that was because we were kinda naïve to some degree. We just can’t wait to be on the road now though.”

It hasn’t exactly been easy for the vehemently DIY Svffer – since the release of their second album 2015’s ‘Empathist’, the pressures of life have weighed heavy on their collective shoulders.

“2016 has been a pretty rough and difficult year for us. When we started the band in 2013, Jan, Timo and I lived in Muenster and Leonie in Bielefeld which is pretty close by. So rehearsing and writing songs was an easy task and could be done spontaneously. But now Leonie lives in Berlin and I had to move to Cologne for a job so our weekly rehearsals broke down to once a month if we’re lucky. Since my job sometimes demands me working on weekends or doing a fuck load of overtime, shows also have become way more difficult for us to play. We had to cancel some shows this year which is such a fuck up because people put time, effort and heart into organizing an event and then we cancel. Sometimes I get really mad at myself because of that.”

Needless to say, after an undoubtedly frustrating year, Svffer are ready to “play our asses off, and get to know a load of new nice people” – two guaranteed staples of touring in the DIY hardcore scene.

“DIY for us is basically what you make of it. For us, it is empowerment. We do the shit we want, organize everything ourselves and maintain control over what happens with the band. In the grander scope, we see it as a crucial aspect of keeping up a counterculture which is needed a lot if you look up and watch what a pisspot the world is. DIY-Culture empowers people to stay beyond control – be it state authority or social control wielded by majorities. When it comes to music, it just means not being in between boundaries and write the songs we want to write, however we want it to sound.

“For touring, DIY means keeping out the middleman which would be a booking agency. We play the shows we want to play – not those that a tour manager would deem ‘worthy’ because the payment is best, thus making him the most profit. You always recognize a greedy agency booked tour when the bands tour dates look like this: 1.1. Amsterdam, NL, 2.1 Warsaw PL, 3.1. Milano, Italy, 4.1 Paris FR, 5.1. Kopenhagen DN, 6.1. Budapest and so on. Huge long drives just to places that pay the most. Those tours exist… who the fuck wants to play a tour like this?!”

A sound question indeed, especially when your band is not your job – it is your uncompromising love.

“Heavy music is where we all derive from. For me it’s an outlet for rage and aggression. Put two beers in me when I haven’t played for a while and I will rage about a lot of stuff. Playing this kind of music keeps me calm and sane. I wish I were exaggerating!”

WORDS: Serena Cherry

You can witness the devastating rage of Svffer on the following dates:

10/09 – Brighton @ Bleach
11/09 – Bristol @ Stag and Hounds (Facebook event page)
12/09 – Leeds @ Temple Of Boom (Facebook event page)
13/09 – Liverpool @ Next To Nowhere (Facebook event page)
14/09 – Nottingham @ JT Soar (Facebook event page)
15/09 – London @ The Unicorn (Facebook event page)

You can find Svffer on Facebook

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