Seeker’s Bryce Lucien On The Term ‘Deathcore’

By on 4 November 2013


The term ‘deathcore’ is usually seen as a dirty word in metal circles. Punishing Texan outfit Seeker have often been plagued by the term, so we asked vocalist Bryce Lucian for his take on this controversial sub-genre…

Much like what became of metalcore in the mid-2000s, deathcore is an often maligned term that can instantly diminish a bands credibility. What once conjured images of ridiculously brutal, unapologetically heavy bands like Ion Dissonance and The Red Chord now brings to mind bands full of twenty year olds sporting throat tattoos, matching black t shirts, and trying desperately hard to look tough while they jump in sync onstage. A band with the earnestness and intensity of Amenra can be written off should even the slightest whisperings of deathcore be heard in their sound or associated with them.

I often wonder why this is. Is the new wave of deathcore bands so offensive to music fans over 16 that people feel the need to violently distance themselves from everything associated with them? And if that is the case, if a group of bands have so sullied a once legitimate genre that everyone with half a working knowledge of music wants nothing to do with it, does that not rob said genre of all of its legitimacy, thus rendering it meaningless?

This is precisely why genres do not matter. All labels, tags, genres, etc will eventually be demonized and discredited while every band that cannot be easily classified will be lazily associated with one that barely describes them. I am firmly of the opinion that nothing should keep bands, and really artists in general, from doing exactly what they want. There should be no rules or constraints brought about by genres expectations. The second that I feel like I should be writing a certain kind of song or incorporating certain types of parts I lose all productivity and inspiration.

My band is constantly referred to as deathcore. I personally don’t hear it at all, but that’s fine. I know where we pull our influence from. I know the kind of band we want to be. I know our motivation, and it certainly isn’t trying to appeal to a certain group of people or making anyone other than ourselves happy. So go ahead and call us deathcore. I couldn’t be less concerned with the genre that we’re labeled with, and it most definitely won’t affect what we do.

Seeker’s new album ‘Unloved’ is available now via Victory Records and is available to order here.

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