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Must be cool for Max Cavalera to be able to swear in his own language and have a whole audience of tens of thousands understand him. Considering how little Soulfly play back home in Brazil, Portugal is his best outlet for that, and it shows in the glee with which he delivers his encouraging “puta que pariu!” roars. With the line-up stabilized for several years (and a kick-ass guitar player in Marc Rizzo, it must be said), Soulfly are a well-oiled  live machine by now, and for these big festivals they’re able to choose a well balanced set that keeps up the power throughout, with Sepultura and Soulfly cuts happily coexisting among the brutality. A few family guests – Max’s stepson Richie singing ‘Bleed’ off the first album and son Igor very competently behind the drums for ‘Troops Of Doom’ – kept up the excitement, and the crowd responded with big circle pits and a wall of death that hurt just by looking at it. There wasn’t even all that much difference between the reception given by the crowd to the Sepultura and Soulfly tracks, as it usually happens , which is nice, for once.

Even if we’ve seen Max more active, his charisma is enough to carry a show through, and he even got a little help from his wardrobe today. The big Brazilian wore no less than four different shirts during a show that was no longer than an hour – starting off with Morbid Angel, he changed into a Napalm Death one, a Cro-Mags one, and finished by wearing the Portuguese football team jersey, a show of sportsmanship (especially considering Portugal and Brazil face each other in the same group in South Africa) the local crowd lapped up happily.

Final note for a song off new album ‘Omen’ which went down very well, as the band has seemingly toned down on the tribalism that was a big part of their sound so far in favour of a more stripped-down approach, and as such ‘Bloodbath & Beyond’ was very refreshing.

One down, three to go, and not a bad start at all. Motörhead up next!

Soulfly setlist:

Blood Fire War Hate


Back To The Primitive

Seek ‘N’ Strike

Bleed/Tree Of Pain (with Richie Cavalera)


Bloodbath & Beyond


Porrada (with tribal drums by all the band at the end)

Troops Of Doom (with Igor – Max’s son – on drums)



Roots Bloody Roots

Jump Da Fuck Up

Eye For An Eye

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