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By on 19 March 2013


Obscene Extreme Festival is in its fourteenth year, and for the fifteenth festival the concept has been exported around the world to Mexico (28-30 March), Indonesia (6-7 April) and Australia (12-13 April) with the European show in Czech on 3-7 July. We spoke  with organiser and visionary Curby about what this entailed…

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What gave you the idea to make OEF an international festival?

Most probably, it was my passion for music as well as for travelling. I have been travelling the world through music (different tours with Czech bands in South East Asia, South America, North America and so on) for the last decade, and it is especially the countries like Indonesia or Mexico where I have seen and enjoyed a really huge passion for extreme music. Obscene Extreme also celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and I thought there is no better idea than bringing our festival to different countries around the world!




What are your expectations for each event?

I would love to bring our special OEF vibe to the countries that are really far away from the Czech Republic, and where the fans just talk about going to OEF at least once in their life, like a trip to a grind Mecca haha! (That’s what they really say!). I absolutely understand that it is very difficult to get to the Czech Republic from some countries, so this time we decided to bring OEF to them, and we’ll see what happens this year. Everything depends on the fans. If they enjoy the fests, we might continue to do these festivals in 2014!

What other countries would you like to see OEF happen in?curby nasum flag300

We will have an Obscene Extreme America in Mexico, Obscene Extreme Asia in Indonesia and Obscene Extreme Australia in Melbourne. The Mexican festival will consists mainly of US bands, bands from South America (Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, and Colombia) and Saudi Arabia. The festival in Jakarta will be a big Asian attack, with the bands coming from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea and also South Africa or Australia, which I am more than happy for; OEF has always been an international devastation party so this is great! Of course each event will have headliners from the UK, Europe or the USA to make it really special, bands like Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, Macabre, Dying Fetus, Birdflesh, Doom, Cattle Decapitation, Ratos De Porao, Agathocles, Phobia, and lots of local bands. It’s just that Australia is very far away and difficult, so there are just a few headliners and bands from abroad; but the Australian grind scene is so strong that this fest will be grinding for the whole weekend as well.

Will you be at each event?

Of course! Running OEF is like having another baby; the fest has reached the age of a teenager now so it is a little bit wild and I must still curby municipal danny heather ada300look after it a lot… I want to be 100% sure [it goes well] so I work pretty hard these days to organize very good festivals. It’s the main point of our world tour, bringing in something new and fresh and helping the local scenes.

What are some of your personal highlights from previous OEFs?

Well, too many to say, doing a fest like OEF is simply a life experience and an annual challenge, but to name a few…Last year I really enjoyed the show of Nasum, it was one of the top 3 shows of my life! And believe me I have seen thousands of gigs! I had tears in my eyes when Nasum started to play their famous song “Inhale/Exhale”, replacing the lyrics in the chorus with “Obscene/Extreme”; the fans went totally crazy and so did I, I even did some wild stage diving! We also did the Nasum wedding ritual in gas masks and under the noise of a siren together with my girlfriend before they started to play; that was really an unforgettable moment as well!

What would you like to say to Terrorizer readers?obscene extreme fotka lidi super300Thanks for your support during all the years! If you want to check out Obscene Extreme for the first time this year then there’s no better year to do it; it’s our 15th anniversary and we believe that we can offer an unforgettable, long weekend for all of our passionate fans of grindcore, crust, death metal, thrash metal, fastcore, punk and hardcore!



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