Nokturnal Hellstorm in the studio: a few words with Danny Lilker

By on 28 February 2013
Pic: Tyler Gilbert

Pic: Tyler Gilbert

Nokturnal Hellstorm, the black metal project featuring Danny Lilker (Brutal Truth, SOD, Nuclear Assault, Venomous Concept and about 50 other bands) are in the studio writing new material.  I caught Danny the day before he hauled arse to Europe to fill in for an absent Shane Embury in grind supergroup Lock Up. 

You’re currently writing new material, no?

Yes, we have 5 new songs in various stages of development. 2 of them, “Oppression”, and “Incomprehensible Futility”, have already been played live. Once we have 8 strong tunes, we will record again.

You’re (2012 self-titled) record was pretty raw – any changes this  time around?

Nothing drastic. We think the raw sound fits what we’re doing- it is part of what gives us our hellish atmosphere. We might actually record the drums in a real studio this time, but rest assured, the grimness will remain.

What are the release plans with this record?

As long as Barrett at United Underground is up to it, we will in all probability go with his label again. He seems to be doing an admirable job getting the first one out there.

Think you’ll ever tour?

That’s difficult between my schedule and the fact that most of the guys have regular jobs…we’ve done some weekend trips, but at the moment it’s hard to envision much more unfortunately.

What happened with Crucifist?

Our guitarist was in like 4 different bands at the time, and was getting ready to tie the knot as well, so he had to free up his time, and he was such an integral part of the band that it would have been a waste trying to replace him.

You’re moonlighting in Lock Up at the moment – that’s got to be  pretty awesome!

It’s always a pleasure to play some unholy grind with my old mates!  It’s not something I’m gonna get used to since it’s really Shane’s band, but I’m more than happy to help out my mates when they’re in need.

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