Miniature history of: Splatterhouse

By on 4 March 2013


It’s probably Carcass’s fault.  ‘Necroticism…’ was still cooling on the morgue table when the 2nd generation of gore-obsessed death-grinders came up from the sewer and started assimilating the melodic guitars and dual growl/screech vocal style that Messrs Steer and Walker had perfected so well.  All of a sudden we were spoiled for choice: Exhumed, Impaled, early Ghoul and the lesser known Splatterhouse.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, and taking their name from a classic Sega game from the 80s, the band delivered a sole LP and two splits in their short but bloody career.  Featuring Joe Axler from Book of Black Earth/Samothrace, the man with the longest dreadlocks in metal, their album ‘The House That Dead Built’ is a masterpiece of goofy riffing, deep-fried guitar sounds, blistering drumming and vocals that alternate between gurgles, sneering squawks and guttural bellows.


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