Miniature history of: Raw Radar War

By on 19 February 2013

Although crust seems to be enjoying something of a renaissance recently, there is plenty of filth that’s flown under the radar over the past 20 years.

Boston’s Raw Radar War (how’s that for a palindrome?) haven’t exactly got tongues wagging in Blighty, even though vocalist Jonah Jenkins is more widely known as the frontman of 90s hardcore band Only Living Witness, as well as lending his pipes to Converge on “Grim Heart/Black Rose” (from 2006’s ‘No Heroes’).  Formed in 2002, their sole LP, ‘Double Equals’ (or ‘==’) is a seamless barrage of dirty, bass-heavy riffs, as much influenced by sludge metal as crust punk bands like Die Kreuzen and His Hero Is Gone.



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