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By on 1 March 2013


North Carolina’s MΛKE perform a sort of psyched out post-metal, transcendental and introspective like the pleasant onset of hallucinogenic drugs. Then, the dreaded fear kicks in and you descend into an obscure mental void, dark and ineffable. MΛKE correspond with sludgy riffs and anguished vocals, effortlessly incorporating blackened doom when the time calls.

Evolving their niche for a few years now, they’ve secured four releases thus far. Devouter Records re-released their debut LP, the excellent ‘Trephine’ in July 2012 followed by the ‘Axis’ EP later that year. Reviews in the international metal press have been positive and on stage the band performs with intensity and passion, slaying the crowds on their US east coast tour with Dragged into Sunlight.

Demonstrating their generosity too, they’ve whacked ‘Sisyphus’ on Bandcamp as a free download.

Words: Alasdair Bulmer

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