Miniature history of: Dystopia

By on 20 February 2013


Misanthropy, despair and crusty sludge metal tend to go hand-in-hand and no band embodies this more than California’s Dystopia.

Formed in 1991, the band maintained a strictly DIY ethic that saw them play countless squats in the US and Europe, as well as playing with bands outside the sludge/crust scene, like cosmic prog-doomers Tarantula Hawk.  Their lyrics are utterly bleak and deal with everything from social issues, gun control, substance abuse poverty and betrayal, alternating vocal duties between guitarist Matt Parillo’s deranged bellow and drummer Dino Sommese’s blood-curdling shriek.

The band released three albums and a handful of EPs and splits, before disbanding in 2008 after releasing their self-titled swansong.  To anyone with an interest in sludge, crust or any combination of the two, Dystopia are totally essential.

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