Miniature history of: Aus Spotten

By on 27 February 2013

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Slow, deliberate crust entwined with ominous cello accompaniments; dark, apocalyptic, doom-laden. They’re also called Aus Spotten and collectively dressed in white.  Hmm, tampons playing crust… If anyone can correct me otherwise, please do because I cannot make any alternative connections?

They bombarded the UK with a string of dates in 2007 and released a split 12” with Fractura (awesome neo-crust, by the way), then totally blipped off the radar.  A terrible shame in my humble opinion.

Anyway, if you somehow got yer dirty mitts on the record, good on you, they deserved the support.  Although their public presence remains limited at best, here’s one of two songs available on Youtube from the aforementioned split.

Words: Alasdair Bulmer




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