Listen To Ghold’s ‘Gorgonic Gnosis’ Mixtape

By on 12 April 2016


Seeing as the mighty Ghold will be touring the UK with Palehorse in just a few weeks time, we asked them to put together a little mixtape for us so we can hear what they’ll blasting in the van. Here’s what they came up with…

Ghold will also be releasing a new album entitled ‘PYR’ via Ritual Productions on May 7th, a record that finds the band pushing their sound into new and previously unexplored territories, with new guitarist Oliver Martin expanding their textural palette rather nicely indeed. Closing this raw, honest and unrelenting four-track is ‘Despert Thrang’ – a long-form progressive piece of music that fills the entirety of Side B on the LP, featuring guest vocalist Rose Dagul, and is one of the most ambitious and severely heavy things the band have done yet. But you’ll get to hear that in due time – for now, just kick back and bask in Ghold’s ‘Gorgonic Gnosis’…

‘Manmtn’ FROM ‘Sperm Whale’

“Absolutely crushing low-end earth mover from the legendary Don Joe Preston. This track is a perfect example of how to blend drum machine anvil-stroking minimalism and devilishly bizarre un/simple snaking bass lines. A big influence from day one, the music of our horrible dreams. Essential!”

‘Don’t Bitch My Shit’ FROM ‘Harm Starts Here’

“More low end, but this time doubled into eight strings through the form of our tourmates and motley crew of noise shitting bass-bastards Palehorse. This is the tune we always reach for when we need to get the blood pumping and our veins taut. Nasty and filthily groovy. Skin-crawling and bubble-bursting. Music to watch people on the tube by. Andy! I’ve read your books!”

‘The Anvil Will Fall’ FROM ‘My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be’
(YESHA, 1994)

“Harvey Milk, innovators of the low and slow anthem, emotive and intense, drawing influence from songwriters and avant-garde musicians are true weirdos informing GHOLD’s sound from the start. ‘The Anvil Will Fall’ is epic in its ideals, reworking partly sections of Gustav Holst’ classical composition ‘The Planets’ into their blackened, humorous prose to great effect.”

‘Liriïk Necronomicus Kahnt (In Which Our Heroes Ürgon And Ğorğo Meet)’ FROM ‘Attahk’
(TOMATO, 1978)

“You know, when it’s 5am and you’re all splayed out over studio floor with peaky little eyes making nonsense ‘Event Horizon’ sounds with a ring modulator, things just become weird. Weird in a good way. Like a drummer singing falsetto in a made up language about a race of people coming back to blow up earth with their Mekanïk Destruktïw Komandöh. Yes I’ll take that… and the H.R Giger artwork too thanks.”

‘Evil Is Done’ FROM ‘Necrosis’

“Sometimes when one is trying to make a sopping wet cave of a record, it’s nice to freshen up the ears with stale cracker music. The final nail in the coffin from Cadaver is one such record – dry, punishing Norwegian death metal at it’s very finest. Nothing like destroying a bottle of supermarket own Kentucky Bourbon whiskey screaming “Omen Six – Fire on the Styx, Omen Seven – There’s no Heaven!”, to get you fired up for more fucking reverb.”

The full list of tour dates is as follows:

May 4th: London, The Unicorn, with Nitkowski and Warren Schoenbright (Facebook Event Page)
May 5th: Brighton, The Prince Albert, with Bruxa Maria (Facebook Event Page)
May 6: Milton Keynes, Crauford Arms (Facebook Event Page)
May 7th: Cardiff, Undertone (Facebook Event Page)
May 8th: Birmingham, Hare & Hounds, with Beast As God and Sealclubber (Facebook Event Page)
May 9th: Nottingham, The Chameleon, with A Horse Called War and Temple Steps (Facebook Event Page)
May 10th: Sheffield, The Washington, with A Horse Called War and Fake The Bends (Facebook Event Page)
May 11th: Salford, Islington Mill (Facebook Event Page)
May 12th: Newcastle, Northumberland Arms, with Lump Hammer (Facebook Event Page)
May 13th: Glasgow, Collective Studios, with Leecher (Facebook Event Page)
May 14th: Leeds, Chunk, with The Afternoon Gentlemen, Moloch, Famine, Groak and more (Facebook Event Page)

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