Kat’s band of the day: Morgoth

By on 27 October 2011

NAME: Morgoth
THEY ARE: Death metal
FROM: Meschede, Germany
FOR FANS OF: early Death, Obituary, Unleashed
LATEST RELEASE: ‘1987-1997- The Best Of Morgoth’
CHECK OUT: Burnt Identity, Isolated, Sold Baptism
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Website, Facebook, MySpace

Morgoth have remained a constant favourite of mine since first hearing them on the John Peel show in 1990. 21 years later, they still feel the same. There is something about Morgoth that is inherently European – a certain mystique, a dark aura shrouds the band’s music and lyrics as they take you into a fantastical netherworld of horrific, nightmarish entities like those depicted on the covers of the ‘Resurrection Absurd’ and ‘The Eternal Fall’ EPs. The band’s name itself was lifted from Tolkien’s ‘The Silmarillion’ [Morgoth is the Lucifer-like figure who falls from grace and was master of Sauron, the arch-villain of ‘Lord Of The Rings’, in the past of Tolkien’s mythology- Ed]. The band’s debut full length album ‘Cursed’ remains one of the darkest-sounding death metal albums, swathed in a gloomy, sinister and sullen atmosphere which oozes out of the speakers with every tortured vocal line and riff.

With Morgoth reforming and going to play a lot of early material again, and since Morgoth have had such a huge influence on me, I just had to make them band of the day. I also sent some questions to vocalist Marc Grewe.

What are your thoughts looking back on the ‘Cursed’ album all these years later and what it did for the band?

“Before we talked about the reunion, I hadn’t listened to ‘Cursed’ for a couple of years, but immediatly thought that it is kind of timeless when I heard it. It still carries this autumnal atmosphere. Of course, it was our best selling album, but I always thought that was because of the ‘good old times’. But looking back now, I realise that it has something special about it. It was great to see that even younger kids come up to me after the show and want to talk about that album and what it means to them. Thats very honouring to hear and it’s fantastic to know that ‘Cursed’ hasn’t lost its ‘charm’ even for younger fans.”

What were the general musical and lyrical inspirations behind that album? What are your personal favourite songs from that album and why?

“Musically we wanted to create an album that had an absolute dark and nihilistic atmosphere. Combining doomy parts with ultra brutal but catchy riffs. Lyrically we always tried to deal with ‘real life matters’ that were disguised in metaphoric layers. Like a dark novel by Kafka. I personally like the last two songs very much, ‘Opportunity Is Gone’ and ‘Darkness’. Both are very different from each other but carry the whole feeling of the record and how what it was meant – dark, heavy and mysterious.”

Whose idea was it to do this to celebrate 20 years since ‘Cursed’s release? Who is in the reformation line up?

“I got asked quite often about Morgoth when I did the interviews for Insidious Disease [death metal band featuring Shane Embury of Napalm Death, Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir and Tony Laureano formerly of Nile] last year. So I asked around and after a while and got two of the original and songwriting members of the band going for it. They were head-over-heels on that and we thought about getting Morgoth together at least for some shows. I knew that Carsten Otterbach and Rudiger Hennecke wouldn’t be able to do it, as they are too busy in their jobs. So we found drummer Marc Reign (ex-Destruction) who was introduced to me by Mille of Kreator during their tour last year. The guy who is playing bass is called Soti Kelekidis (Sinew/Arms To Amen). An absolutely amazing bass player and the funniest lad ever!”

Do you plan to just make it a short term reformation or do you think it might develop into a more longer lasting one? Would it be too hopeful to expect any new material?

“So far we have decided to continue. We will be playing Neurotic Death Fest, Maryland Deathfest and some other shows. We are having fun on stage and as long as we have that, we will continue. We even have talked about some new stuff, but we ‘ll give it all the time it needs. It has to be quality, thats the most important point for all of us!”

If you want to read more on more Mogoth from Kat, check out here blog here.

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