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By on 16 September 2011

This week’s pick is Bastard Priest. Their new album ‘Ghouls Of The Endless Night’ features 8 ripping, devastating tracks, full of raw punked-up death metal mayhem with slower, darkly melodic parts thrown in. This album sounds like Anti-Cimex having a fist fight with Nihilist in a graveyard on a cold full moon night with Death Strike, Master and Autopsy watching on.
With its great earthy, organic-sounding production, this is one of 2011’s strongest albums. We spoke to drummer Matt Mendoza.

When did you get started, and who makes up the band?
Matt:“Bastard Priest have been around since 2002/2003 but can only be considered active since 2007 when we did our first recording. The band consists of me on drums, vocals and occasional guitar lickin’, and Inventor on guitars and bass and occasional barking.”

Someone described you as being like a cross between classic Nihilist/Entombed and Anti-Cimex…what do you think about that?
“Well thanks for that I guess – I can appreciate blazing fingers down the neck of an Ibanez and well educated drummers straight out of drumming school but that’s nothing I want to do. When I do music it comes out hard and angry with no frills!”

‘Visions of Doom’ from ‘Under The Hammer Of Destruction’

You are only a 2-piece band, and you don’t play live shows. Do you think you will ever expand to a live line-up? Would you like to take Bastard Priest onto the stage and tour?
“We’ve decided not to do live shows right now ‘cos it would be to much of a hassle to get everything together and rehearse and stuff. That’s how it is right now – you’ll never know what [will] happen in the future. I know Maim have played ‘Under the Hammer of Destruction’ live a couple of times – check them out if you want hear our songs, or at least one of them, live.”

The artwork for the new album, looks kind of horror punk-ish. Who designed it?
“Our friend Robert did the artwork. He’s a really talented tattoo artist and great at drawing. He’s got his own special style that I think is really cool! I’m more than satisfied with what he did for us this time! We decided we wanted it to have a lot of colour ‘cos too many other records are to black or grey or whatever.”

What are your thoughts about this on-going revival of the classic Swedeath sound? What do you think makes Bastard Priest stand out from other bands?
“I think it’s great – more good music for everybody! I have no problem there being hundreds of death meal bands out there doing their thing – if it’s good, it’s good. I just like the general idea of people being creative and doing stuff – no matter if it’s death metal or space music to be honest. If the passion is there and the heart is there (and is in the right place) it’s almost certain to have something honest and special about it.
I don’t really think ‘modern’ death metal has progressed that much over the last 10-15 years or so – most of the big bands have become stale long ago and are just repeating themselves. I mean, they sound ‘modern’ cos the have this modern production and by today’s studio standards a ‘good sound’. But these bands have had this sound for 15 years now and it’s not going anywhere right? I don’t like their sound – I have nothing against them as bands, they can do whatever they want. People pay too much attention to this production-stuff – it’s just music the way I want it to sound and that’s that. My fave bands are Maim, Morbus Chron, Miasmal, Entrapment, Invidious, Antichrist, Nekromantheon and Obliteration.”

BASTARD PRIEST – Sacrilegious Ground by Pulverised Records
Are there any bands in your local scene from any music style people should check out?

“A couple of weeks ago I went to see this band called Gösta Berglings Saga – it’s some sort of prog-rock I guess but it’s really good – highly recommended. Other than that I think people should check out Infernöh from Malmö, good hardcore. Nitad from Stockholm has recently turned more towards some sort of darker and more introvert style that fits them really good – check that out. I don’t know if Totalitär are still around, but they’re probably the best Swedish hardcore band that ever existed.”

What is your opinion on the current crust/D-beat punk scene in general? There seem to be many bands around now mixing that with death metal.

“I think that’s cool. I found some recent bands that I really like, like Krömosom, Teargas and Giftgasattack. My all time faves of the newer bands playing heavy hardcore is Martyrdöd and World Burns to Death – they always rule – especially Martyrdöd!”

‘Ghouls Of The Endless Night’ is available now through Blood Harvest & Pulverised

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