José’s Roadburn Band Of The Week: Memoriam

By on 22 November 2016


Not all is lost in the world of death metal after Bolt Thrower called it a day. There is Memoriam, you see. Ever since this new band of heavyweights announced its existence back in March, formed as a tribute to late Bolt Thrower drummer Martin “Kiddie” Kearns who sadly passed away in September 2015, everyone who’s ever enjoyed a chugging rhythm or a death growl has been sitting on their hands in anticipation of what will come out of it. A band with Karl Willets (Bolt Thrower), Frank Healy (Benediction, Cerebral Fix), Scott Fairfax (Cerebral Fix) and Andy Whale (Bolt Thrower) is simply too good to imagine or to even be true, and especially in a Bolt Thrower-less world, they are a precious, invaluable commodity that we will have to hold on to for dear life. As if we might think they’d be playing a reggae jazz crossover with electronic elements the guys specified at the very beginning they were “an old-school death metal band” and that they would “maintain the standards set by previous bands the members have played with”, also informing us that the initial idea was just to play some covers, but that the new songs they had created were far superior to those, so there.

GRAAAAAAAH, COME ON AND GIVE US AN ALBUM ALREADY, right? Settle down, they will, it’ll be called ‘For The Fallen’ and it’ll see the light in March next year via Nuclear Blast. So you’ll have a few weeks to get to grips with it, i.e., spin it obsessively until the time comes when Memoriam hit Roadburn with all their might. Though the festival has made its history mostly through other genres, death metal has always been a part of it in a way, especially if it’s of the old-sounding, ultra-heavy, chunky kind like we expect Memoriam to be – genre luminaries from Asphyx to Coffins or Hooded Menace, not to mention Grave Miasma and Necros Christos, have all wrecked stages, eardrums and good moods in the past, and this promises to be yet another occasion for that to happen.

It speaks volumes about the people involved in Memoriam that we are this excited without listening to a single note yet – the band’s live debut will take place in Birmingham in a couple of weeks, and for once, in a world of constant disappointment, bad surprises and increasing uncertainty, it’s great to be 100% sure that Memoriam will be awesome. Come Roadburn, the war machine will be well oiled and ready to pave your face into the ground, so be there and raise those horns.

WORDS: José Carlos Santos

Memoriam will play on Saturday, April 22 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will run for four days from Thursday, April 20th to Sunday, April 23rd at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands. You can still get your tickets here.

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