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You have been well treated, children of the night. In the past few weeks, I have given you things like Drugs Of Faith, Today Is The Day and Young And In The Way, bands old and new, upcoming or established, all of them adventurous enough to not be your throwawayable listen-once-then-forget copycats that so pollute our ears these days, but yet brutal and sheerly METAL enough for you to not go all, “There’s that guy with the weird name again posting even weirder bands”.

Well, that’s enough of that. Let’s leave our comfort zone for a bit and ruin our day with some seriously screwed-up, cassette-only drone. The Sun Through A Telescope are the latest in the recent trend of amazing bands with long titles about the sun, a category I just made up but which makes perfect sense if you think of The Sun Came Up Upon The Left (you should remember them), Sun Of The Blind, Sun Devoured Earth or even The Sun Of Weakness. Of all those, The Sun Through A Telescope are only vaguely similar to Sun Devoured Earth, but only because it’s also just one guy making weird noises, as this goes several notches up the fucked-up scale.

Leigh Newton, for that is the name of the disturbed individual behind this cacophony, actually contacted me a couple of months ago, politely sharing the then-just-released double EP, entitled ‘Orange’ and ‘Green/Black’, but it’s taken me this long to actually build up the guts to listen to these things solidly for a while. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience, but that’s precisely the point. It’s not just formless droning, despite what the twelve minutes of ‘Inside Living Breathing Hell’, ‘Green/Black’s welcoming track, might suggest, with its furious, demonic declamation and aggressive feedback. You get a semblance of actual music right after with the crushing black-metal-with-the-instruments-only-half-plugged-in of ‘The Priest WIth One Black Hand’, before third song ‘Green Sleep’ makes you think you’ve mistakenly put on another record, as it actually features amazing Jesu-like floaty singing and quiet atmospherics. Until it degenerates into static-ridden distant animalistic screams, of course.

I could go on, but you get the idea. This is actually the perfect drone stuff for people who hate drone. You still need to be wrong in the head, and probably in several other places, to extract the same delirious enjoyment I did of it, but there’s dynamics, there’s variation, there’s sudden surprises, there’s drama, there’s atmosphere and savagery, there’s hints of melody and there’s a constant miasma of bad feelings in the air. Prolonged exposure to these EPs will probably result in something similar as if you actually did what the band name suggests (see? I RESEARCH.). Listen to the on/off ominous blastbeats of ‘They Used To Worship The Sun’ or the stop-start creepiness of ‘Glowing Hallowe’en Eyes’ off the ‘Orange’ EP and tell me if that doesn’t sound fucking dangerous. If only we could say that about all the polished, safe crap that pollutes festivals and magazine covers these days.

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