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Yeah, I’m running a little late today, I bet all three of you who read this have been sitting on your hands all day wondering if I’m okay and listening to The Man-Eating Tree on repeat still, desperate for some kickass new music. Fear not, for good things take time, and that is precisely the case with Canadian five-piece Ensorcelor. Their amazing new tape, ‘Urartica Begins’, hums ominously for longer than some entire albums (and some great ones, too. Seriously.) before something happens, but when they do break the atmosphere, they do it in style. The second half of that opening song, ‘A Crown Of Smoke On The Brow Of The Earth’, descends into a massively confrontational maelstrom of darkness, where sewer-mutant vocals situated somewhere between Iron Monkey and L’Acephale spew hatred all over big doom riffs, for just long enough to still be bearable. On the verge of the breaking point, they launch surprisingly luminous post-metal riffs that somehow entirely fit the epic feel of the song.

On the remaining two songs, Ensorcelor keep exploring the more obscure corners of extremity while never losing the esoteric ambiance, sort of like Wolves In The Throne Room covering Graves At Sea songs remixed by Isis. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either, but when they throw a gentle three minute transition from ‘Sleep Forever In The Brine’ to ‘This Even Doom’, second and third song respectively, after the nearly six minutes of swirling violence of the former, my brain turns to mush and I feel disoriented, lost, alone and cold. And there’s still almost fifteen minutes of the miserable blackcrustdoom of that last song left to contend with. And female vocals and a gentle piano halfway that sound like Anathema’s ‘…Alone’. And. And.

And this is only a tape! Their first one! Cthulhu help us all when these people decide to make a proper record. Maybe I’ll be able to finally stop ruining what’s left of my neurons with constant daily descents to the last Nihill album.

There’s only 100 tapes (and it’s been pressed to CD too if you’re a wuss) and one is already mine, so act quickly.

Ensorcelor @MySpace


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