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Every post-metal band these days seems to be tagged as sludge, and frankly, that pisses me off. Shaping your band after ‘Times Of Grace’ might be very commendable, but it doesn’t make it sludge all by itself. Sludge is meant to be dirty, nasty, punishing and bottom-heavy. Sludge is Eyehategod, sludge is Iron Monkey. Sludge is for people with serious issues, man. Sludge is meant to be like Admiral Angry.

Guitarist Daniel Kraus, The Admiral himself, was the man responsible for all this festival of unpleasantries that has been Admiral Angry’s career. A short career, yes, started out as a sort of grindcore band, but also filled with enough lovely songs like ‘Bug Vomit’, ‘Sex With A Stranger’ or ‘Kill Yourself’, all from their disgusting 2008 full length debut ‘Buster’, to cause you nightmares for weeks. However, since we live in a world of shit, Daniel passed away last year, at 22, victim of a disease which plagued him for most of his life, and therefore the current status of the band is uncertain. It remains to be seen if they will ever play live again, let alone continue their existence. It is nevertheless more than appropriate that they’re Band Of The Week now, because now is the time that we’re being given the chance to listen to Daniel’s parting shot to this world, Admiral Angry’s more than likely last release ever, ‘A Fire To Burn Down The World’.

Don’t expect any soppy sentimentalism or profound reflections on life because of the circumstances. As the rest of the guys in the band put it, this album is “One 30 minute long song, meant to punish you for all the bad things you’ve done in your bedroom. A Fire is not meant for everyone, but is being released for the one person that had the determination to set this world ablaze before he left it.” As Daniel’s last fuck-off to everyone else, it works magnificently. Raw, pounding aggression of mammoth-like proportions constantly interjected by the most agonizing screams uttered this side of Alan Dubin, it does justice to its title in that you do feel like setting fire to random things/people after a prolonged listening session. Along with the aforementioned ‘Buster’, it embodies more contempt and rage than most bands can spit out in decades, so even if this is the last we’ll hear from them, it’s quite enough to have made quite a mark already.

Thank you, Daniel.

Daniel Kraus
We’ve never stopped, and we never will. Sound lives forever. We hope our music is most unpleasant.
-Daniel Kraus

Both ‘Buster’ and ‘A Fire To Burn Down The World’ are available at the shelsmusic store.
Check out the band’s MySpace too.

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