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Only Seth Putnam had a worst week than I’ve had. It’s been the sort of week where the only way to make everything right would be to take a baseball bat and go outside randomly bludgeoning people to within an inch of their sorry, useless lives. I don’t know about the ratholes where all five of you who read these articles live, but in my country that’s unfortunately illegal still, so I decided to go the opposite way and bottle even more rage inside of me until I fuckin’ explode and leave behind just a puddle of black bile. Gladly I had with me Aderlating’s new album, ‘Spear Of Gold And Seraphim Bone Pt. 1’, as the perfect instrument for that.

You all know Mories from Gnaw Their Tongues now, and if you don’t you’re probably the sort of person who listens to shit like Avenged Sevenfold or who thinks the new Morbid Angel “isn’t that bad”, so you have no business reading this anyway. So yeah, Aderlating is him and another dude from Mowlawner wreaking havoc on our flesh in a slightly different way but leaving behind the same sort of beautiful aligned scars behind (extra points for whoever emails me the two song references I just did on that sentence). Aderlating is slightly more musical, as frequent blastbeats and horrid sub-black metal screeching desperately claw at the walls to be heard above the din of hellish winds and seemingly random clanging and church organ dramatizations. It’s not random though. While you still have no footholds whatsoever when listening to it, somehow Aderlating manages to feel less freeform than Gnaw Their Tongues, and stuff like ‘Engel Der Wrake’ destroys you as concisely as if that weird thing on the eerie blue cover was thrusting its beak into your eyeballs repeatedly. Well, the first seven or eight minutes anyway, before something starts talking in tongues and the grating noises return to screw you up even further.

Maybe that slightly more structured approach, and the fact they’re a duo, are the reasons why Aderlating play live and Gnaw Their Tongues is kept as a private project. Whatever it is, it works fine, as those of you still with a small bit of good musical taste left were able to witness when they played Roadburn a couple of years ago.

Oh, and here’s a free EP from last year. Download it and play it on maximum volume on repeat until your ears bleed and your hair starts to fall off.

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