HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY ‘VOLUME 4’…our four favourite riffs

By on 25 September 2012

Today marks the 40th anniversary since the release of Black Sabbath’s seminal and pant-wettingly awesome fourth album ‘Volume 4’.

Much like the previous three, ‘Volume 4’ was heralded as another progression for the Birmingham legends because of the  broadening scope of their sonic tapestry. The songs were harder, faster and the lyrics infused with more paranoia than before, a notorious attribute to the amount of cocaine the band were getting through at the time.  Originally, the album was to be called ‘Snowblind’ but the record label changed it to ‘Volume 4’.

Still as relevant to the metal scene today as it was to the mainstream 40 years ago, ‘Volume 4’ will always go down in Sabbath history as a landmark album and we salute it so, here are our four favourite riffs from the album.

1. ‘Supernaut’

Need we say more?

2. ‘Wheels Of Confusion’

Just listen to that growl when the central riff arrives in 0:21. Nuff said!

3. ‘Cornucopia’

One of Sabbath’s most menacing moments, just listen to the weight of that bad boy. Brutal Truth have covered this and it doesn’t sound any heavier. That says it all.

4. ‘Under The Sun’

There hasn’t been a doom band that can match the expertly hewn opening riff in this closing track.


We can’t leave out ‘Snowblind’ either because, well, that song kicks ass!

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