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Currently creating serious waves in the grind world, J. Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke label, launched to expose music fanatics across the globe to the cream of the crop in underground grindcore, is now boasting over 25 releases, all of which are available to download for FREE. I thought therefore, that now would be the ideal time to catch up with Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s purveyor of noise himself, to find out about how it all began, right up to future plans… Check out this exclusive interview: 

When did you decide you wanted to do Grindcore Karaoke?

“After working with Scott Hull on the last ‘This Comp. Kills Fascists’ comp. for Relapse.  ‘TCKF’ was an effort to sort of put on new and overlooked bands we dug.  Even though the comp. didn’t sell tons of units, it did help some of the bands get heard/picked up by labels i/e Owen Hart, Weekend Nachos, Noisear.”

“For me, I was hearing all this new music, and talking with like-minded individuals from all over the place was pretty awesome and something I really wanted to continue doing.”

“[I] got bullshitting with Wadge when all this shit was going on with the Agoraphobic Nosebleed  blog, and we did this prank BOVINE records release. After getting all this awesome feedback about the Wadge record I just kept on with it as GRINDCORE KARAOKE.”

What inspired you to set up a label and site such as this, where all the releases are free?

“Well, with the digital release being the new format standard, there is little difference between a digital product the big labels are producing and one an individual creates. In fact some of the releases I’ve done have almost more content than a packaged CD or LP; each comes with a digital booklet, some of which are very, very extensive and a few even have videos packed in with them.”

“As far as everything being free, I didn’t want this to be about money. I wanted it to be about giving back to something that has creatively been everything to me. I’m more interested in getting bands I dig heard by a couple thousand heads than selling shit for peanuts to a couple hundred.”

If GK had a mission statement what would it be?

“I don’t know if I have a “mission statement” but I am definitely an advocate for meeting new people and getting stoned to new music every day. Once you pull your head out of your ass it’s pretty easy to feel blessed by certain things.”

What has been the most downloaded release that you have put out so far on GK, and how has the response to your releases been in general?

“‘Robocop II’ by ROBOCOP has been easily the GK most downloaded and heralded release to date. Dead Neanderthals is another that sort of throws people a little off guard… 2 piece -drums, sax -think ‘Guts of a Virgin’ era Painkiller. Then from the UK there’s KUNTPUNCHER, which I tell people all the time is a perfectly acceptable band name in the UK, given you Brits call each other KUNT’s all the time.”

“Some of the newer stuff like Bologna Violenta, Self Deconstruction, Chulo, Cloud Rat, Inerds and Bestower, people are sort of hailing as the next wave of great grindcore bands, which is a pretty killer thing to be part of.”

“There have been critics of the more humorous aspects of some of the bands like Wadge, but I’ll take Wadge’s passion for Hawaii culture over all the gas masks and phony psycho bullshit any fuckin’ day.”

“There have also been some negative comments about the lo-fi nature of some of the releases. I find true beauty in that much of this music is un-rehearsed and home recorded grind house style like ANB always has been. Karaoke means “no orchestra” or “no band” which sums up perfectly ANB, as it does most of the music on the label.”

I’m stoked to see that you’re putting out a Peacemaker release in the near future! Are there any other projects in the pipelines that you can divulge to us at this point, or that you’re particularly excited about?

“It’s out and I’ve got to say it was awesome being able to work with Rich [Hoak] on this.  These more personal projects of grindcore musicians going as far back as the whole “Earache genesis explosion” have always brought it with original and important music. Mick Harris’s Drum n’ Bass and DRONE records, Justin Broadrick’s whole Lo Fibre era KRACKHEAD, BUG, TECH LEVEL 2 stuff. These “noise projects”, collaborations, etc. added untold depth to the bands these individuals where involved in, and Earache’s early support of electronic music was awesome… DJ Larcenys’ remix of Brutal Truth’s ‘Perpetual Confusion’, DOA ‘New York City SPEEDCORE’ and the early Delta 9 records were influential and important music for me. Then Relapse was bringing all this Japanese noise shit over i/e Masonna and Merzbow, and that was fuckin’ awesome! Important light years beyond it’s failing to produce a profit.”

“The “side project” has been something that has been culturally sidelined by many of these larger labels’ “budget cuts”, but something I hope to make an institution of on GK. That said, I have some static and bizarre shit coming!  A dub/grindcore project featuring HR of Bad Brains, an EP from GORETEX of Non-Phixion with production/beats by Dan Lactose of Spazz, this band ATOMCK which is the UK’s answer to DISCORDANCE AXIS! No-Comply, Thug, Guernica and Tomskt 7 discographys.  Re-issues of material from my BLASTBEAT and SPEEDBOAT 12″ labels. Bong-ra and Maruosa’s DEATHSTORM!!! Brand new material from Gigantic Brain! The return of MECHA-BONGZILLA!!! And shit-tons of new noise and grindcore from all over the globe! It’s going to be an insane year!”

Would you ever put out any of your own material on Grindcore Karaoke?

“I plan to. I have over 300 hours of JTCH stuff I’ve done nothing with that I’m just sitting on. I also have tons of speedcore tracks I produced from ’99 to around 2003, so nothing any labels are going to want, but people might check out if it’s free. More recently I’ve been producing a lot of dubstep and big bass shit. The first release I’ll be contributing on GK is a dubstep remix of an A BEAUTIFUL LOTUS track.”

“I gotta say it’s been hard coming forward with anything because of the high standard that ANB sets – I ain’t Scott Hull.”

What are the plans at this stage, as GK is taking off? Would you ever put on a GK show or tour for example?

“Well it’s awesome, because a lot of the bands, blogs, labels I’ve worked with the last few months have turned it into almost a community. They are collaborating with each other on new projects, remixing each other’s stuff, etc. Some of the bands have had record offers from real labels also, which is great to see already happening. I myself have gotten an offer from a major distributor, interested in the imprint and some of the bands on “the label”, so who knows? A lot’s happening very quickly for just having a bandcamp page and a big mouth.”

Is there anything else that you’d like to mention to Terrorizer folk who haven’t checked out GK yet?

“Just that new releases are added almost weekly, so bookmark that shit and check back often.”

Check out the issue of Terrorizer on sale on the 16th June for details of a very special upcoming release on Grindcore Karaoke… In the meantime, go here and get balls deep in some serious download action.

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