Grim Reaper working on first album since 1987: “It’s written in the old style”

By on 12 April 2013

Grim Reaper

As we revealed in Terrorizer 234, legendary NWOBHM outfit Grim Reaper are working on their first studio album since 1987.

Frontman Steve Grimmett spoke to Terrorizer about working on the bands first album in three decades, “I wasn’t really interested in doing another album but as things have been going, it just seemed the right thing to do to be perfectly honest. We’re great as a unit, we sound great and I love working with the boys, they’re three of my best mates. It’s brought the fun back into it for me really.”

As for the new record itself, old fans will certainly be in for a treat, “We’ve written ten songs so far, the target is 15 and then we’ll record them and probably choose 12 maybe 13 songs for the album. The daunting task is that we haven’t done a Grim Reaper album since 1987 and you never know what’s gonna transpire out of that really. It’s written in the old style and I don’t know what people’s reaction is going to be to it. Not really worried about it but obviously something in the back of my mind is always constantly thinking about it because of the way the songs are turning out and the way we’re writing it, they are very very Grim Reaper.”

Finally adds Steve; “The popularity of the band is just growing and growing and growing. It’s really weird because all these places were open to us to play back in the 1980’s and we never did it. The funniest thing is all the songs we’re playing are over 30 years old and we’re playing them to an audience that are in their twenties, teenagers as well and they’re bringing vinyl up for me to sign, that’s just so weird it’s unbelievable.”

The band begin recording the follow to ‘Rock You To Hell’ at the end of May and according to Steve, it should be out in August/September time.

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