Corrupt Moral Altar: Tour Diary

By on 22 September 2014


Corrupt Moral Altar have just finished a UK tour with Spanish grinders Teething, and they’ve kindly detailed their adventures in this delightful little tour diary. Warning: the results are as messy as you would expect…

It was the intention to start this a few days ago, but smash took over and the hangovers were too brutal to even consider writing anything more than a sentence long. Even now, I want to get this over with as quick as possible.

Almost a week ago we kicked things off in Hull at the King Billy, after which we managed to lose/destroy various items of clothing. We also managed to break the van door. A good start.


The smash campaign then continued onto Sheffield where we played what appeared to be a kitchen, half empty bottle of rotten milk included. Highlights – lost more clothes and broke a china cymbal.


Nottingham was another kind of drunk, we introduced our Spanish tour mates, Teething, to Buckfast. I think they enjoyed it?? Reese basically crowd surfed through our entire set and a lovely human pyramid formed, a grand wholesome time was had by all! Karaoke after the show was top notch too.


Ok, so between the last paragraph and this one I had a 7 hour break, felt like my soul had been ripped from betwixt my arse cheeks and fed to the over enthusiastic pug, Buddy, who provided some excellent tour dog entertainment in London last night. I now feel my usual chirpy self and the prospect of writing a tour diary doesn’t make me want to vomit.


The previous night was an early show in Birmingham, a private party at which the music was done by 8pm, and after that was basically no holds barred smash action, the only prominent memories being some fantastic mushroom pakoras and a lot of cling film wrapped around my head.

Birmingham summed up:

6 7 8

A couple of beers so far in Brighton has definitely brought me back to life, I think only drinking 2 beers in London was my downfall…. Lesson learnt I guess?? There is more Buckfast tonight too. We’ll be ok.


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