Cauldron Stewdio Diary – Part 2: The End

By on 25 June 2012

In this issue of the Cauldron Studio Diary, I’ll try not to go too in depth with technical side of recording.  There might have been a couple mentions of that stuff in the last blog, but I’m pretty sure I just made it up.  For those of you who have never had the privilege of being in a studio, I’ll try to give you an idea of what it’s really like.  In my opinion, the best part of recording is feasting on no name twizzlers and gummy worms while reading a crappy issue of ‘Guitar Player’ from 1996 with Los Lobos on the cover.  I think I prefer the waiting around for hours part while a snare gets EQ’d (technical, sorry) than actually playing a song so many times that it makes absolutely no sense anymore.  It’s like repeating a word in your head until you don’t believe it’s a real word.  Or staring in a mirror until you turn into a demon.

It’s always enjoyable when friends want to drop by the studio to hang out only to be bored out of their minds and leave 20 minutes later.   “Wait dude! Where are you going?  But he’s gonna tweak the 5K on the overheads soon!”

We can always count on our good friend Craig “Young” Rose (formerly of Toronto thrash legends Dark Legion) to show up and give us some pointers.  Well actually he has this thing where he can’t stop pointing at stuff, but he’s a good kid.  He had also just returned from a trip to the great nation of America and brought over a case of Yuengling which was pretty cool.

Sometimes getting a good take just depends on the right snacks.  Taking 5 and biking over to the Hasty Market can make all the difference.  We had heard from an inside source that legendary producer Michael Wagener makes all the singers he works with eat a whole can of Pringles before recording.  Apparently coating your throat with Pringle grease can do wonders for your voice.  We tried it with Jason but didn’t notice any changes.  In the picture below Jason can be seen examining a Pringle that appeared on top of the microphone.

Setting the mood is one of the first things any band should do when entering the studio.  Recording under hospital grade fluorescent lights isn’t the best environment for laying down some drums of doom or burning metal axes.  Even the grand master of Hades and mayhem likes to have a few patio lanterns strung up (in good taste).  The first order of business is redecorating.  Luckily we saved ourselves a trip to Dollarama when we found a stash of skull candle holders straight from the clearance bin.  Jason used his Sears merchandising skills and did a wonderful job of decorating the studio with them.  There was also a bunch of light up grapes but we couldn’t get them to turn on.
It wouldn’t be a recording session without the obvious setbacks.  Our priority is always to record the original songs first, then do whatever covers we’d rehearsed with our remaining studio time.  Our old drummer Steelrider (2nd in the line of Cauldron alumni) was scheduled to show up on the last day to do a special cover song with us.  He was supposed to show up after playing a hockey game with some ragtag group of down-and-outers.  Against all odds, and in a perfect example of life imitating a shit Disney movie, his team won and he had to stay for another game.  To our dismay we were left to drink in the sun until he finally showed up.  It was quite unpleasant.


Look at how much fun we’re having in this photo while we wait for Steelrider to show. Laffs all round! L-R: Ian, Chris, asst. Engineer Chris Stringer, and Kevin ‘Mechanix’ ‘Quarter to’ Nunes. Jason stayed inside and discovered the studio had a brand new new ‘Pizza Thrash’ series V-drum kit by Roland. When Chris came back inside and saw the wicked new drum setup, he demanded we let him overdub all his snare hits with the Donatello signature pizza snare. Cowabunga!

Wrapping up a studio session is always a sad moment.  When you’re coming in at noon for five days in a row, pouring out your soul through your guitar or pizza snare, it really becomes your home and it’s hard to let it go.  It’s tends to make it a lot easier when you do this surrounded by friends and loved ones.  What better excuse than to have everyone come over to ‘check out the new traxx’.

Our guest of honour was Phil “Philthy” Bernard of the premier metal rag ‘Chromium Dioxide’.  He goes back a long way with the Cauldron boys and thus provided some useful commentary such as “I heard you guys were gonna totally fag out on this one and go all AOR” and “Who wants a yellow jacket?”.  We can only assume this means “Guys, I really dig the new material, good work!”

Judging by everyone’s response (3 people) to the new songs, the new shit is ballin’ outta control.  Truth.

Chains out.

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