Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth “Strength Builders” Mixtape

By on 29 March 2016


With BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH gearing up for an exclusive UK show in London this Saturday, bassist PEGGY “PEGADETH” DOYLE has compiled this mixtape to give us a brief masterclass in riff worship and a glimpse into the band’s influences…

“The closest I get to working out is when other people move my bass gear. Hey, I’m no Glenn or Henry… although they do make a mighty cute couple. But I get strong in other ways: this list is what I choose to call my “Strength-Builders”; Songs with riffs so immense that, in very dark times and on hopeless days (or just lazy ones), never fail to instill a Vitamin B-12 (Balls! That equals the balls of six men, or five men and two post-op-recently-single-balled guys) injection of power to trudge on through the muck and the muscle to kick some ass. In no particular order or era:”

‘Angel Of Death’ FROM ‘Reign In Blood’
(DEF JAM, 1986)

“Yes. this shows up on almost EVERY list, but for good reason. Fresh out of the Army and DC, I found myself in San Francisco in 1986 and this was my go-to riff for just about any occasion. It is the steroid shot of a generation and beyond. Sure, we all loved the thrashiness of this record, but oh my shit, when the tempo slowed down and this riff started in, things got angry, things got broken and scores were settled that didn’t even exist prior to the needle hitting the LP. Within moments, I was Punk, I was Satan, I was Thrash, I was Black Jesus, I was Serial Killer, all wrapped up in a tidy and fit package.”

‘Nothing To Win’ FROM ‘Clearing The Path To Ascend’
(NEUROT, 2014)

“This track scares the shit out of me which pleases me greatly. It opens with an army of something ominous heading straight to me, goes right to the adrenaline gland, and makes me want to stand up to or join whatever beings these three have created. All of their riffs make me want to conquer the world, punch someone and levitate, simultaneously. YOB have mastered the art of Brutal Riff = Enlightenment = Power = Release.”

‘Drive Boy Shooting’ FROM ‘Plastic Planet’
(TVT, 1995)

“Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory on vocals on this, the second track of Geezer Butler’s hard hitting band which starts right in, no fucking around and headbangs its way through what would become my favorite song from my favorite of the post Sab-4 and my Favorite Brother-in-Lakland Arms.”

‘Winterbane’ FROM ‘Abbath’

“Makes me feel like I am crab-walking and screaming at the top of my lungs in black and white on a fucking fiord in Norway, just like Immortal did, and that is invigorating. And very, very cold. And his makeup is indestructible.”

‘Within Thrall’ FROM ‘Scar Sighted’

“Tad’s favorite release of 2015, engineered by the inimitable Billy Anderson, this entire record is a powerful musical statement of a depth of pain and the transformative power it wields. I can hear every ounce of new flesh on Jef Whiteheads’ bones getting stronger every note on every instrument. Creation and destruction embrace and pummel each other on ‘Within Thrall’, then proliferate, balancing the weights of worlds. That’s a big job.”

‘Symptom Of The Universe’ FROM ‘Sabotage’
(VERTIGO, 1975)
‘Dethroned Emperor’ FROM ‘Emperor’s Return’
(NOISE, 1985)

“Two inspiring, kinda-related riffs that taste great together. These are my teenage and twenties Beatles, my everything, the breast milk I slurped on, the stuff that built my body twelve ways and helped me to flex my brain. The basement was my petri dish, the music was the warmth and light and nutrients that helped me to rise up and find my tribe, the tribe that would slay the world of lies to come.”

‘Goetia’ FROM ‘Eparistera Daimones’

“When this kicks in, may doubt surely leave you.”

‘Cockroaches’ FROM ‘Point Blank’

“One time, in very tight quarters, my girlfriend Julia and I were air-guitaring and headbanging so hard that our heads collided together and we were both knocked unconscious. When we came to, we both saw the same star pattern. That’s what this song is like. What riff doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

‘Unnamed’ FROM ‘Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth’
(NEUROT, 2015)

“This strangely timed, intoxicating riff is one of the most brutal from the mind and fingers of Tad Doyle. Hearing this and playing this live allows me to exit my brain and body and takes me far away to a dark planet where I am invincible and markedly taller.”

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth play The Black Heart in London on Saturday, April 2nd. Tickets are available here, and you can find more info about the show here.

You can find Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth on Facebook


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