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Sometimes it’s easy to do this writing thing. It’s just a matter of connecting all the dots. Like with Parhelion, for example. See that image up there? It’s from the band’s MySpace. The Free Online Dictionary defines parhelion as the plural of “a bright spot sometimes appearing on either side of the sun, often on a luminous ring or halo. So there you go, join those two things and that’s exactly what Parhelion sounds like.

Parhelion is the solo work of Canadian Ihor Dawidiuk, and if that name rings a bell, then you know your post rock, because he plays guitar in Tunturia, but do keep reading even if you hate the genre, because this is quite a different thing. I wasn’t kidding in that first paragraph – you can almost feel the chill wind on your face as you open the gorgeous digipak of Parhelion’s debut album ‘Midnight Sun’ that came out recently. Rarely have atmospheric soundscapes felt so engaging and so sensorial. It’s not just visuals, it’s the entire experience and mood that some of these songs manage to create around the listener. Ambient one-man projects are usually a bit pretentious, and with titles like ‘Echoes From A Restless Sea’, ‘A Lament For Whales’ or ‘Forgotten Outpost’ (the best song of the bunch, outrageously evocative), it would be easy to fail to live up to the images conjured by words alone, but all credit to Ihor, as these beautiful yet often oppressive 6/7 minute manifestations even enrich what you might have seen in your mind’s eye after looking at the artwork and reading the title. Much more than weather report music, there’s an underlying spirituality that grants the album an enormous depth and meaning.

In cold January, with new ultra-brutal releases hitting us left and right, Parhelion are the perfect lonely retreat. Indulge.

Parhelion on MySpace

Ihor’s blog

Get the album on Cyclic Law


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