Band Of The Day: Dyscarnate

By on 28 October 2011

NAME: Dyscarnate
THEY ARE: Destructive, straight-up death metal
FROM: Horsham, UK
FOR FANS OF: Dying Fetus, Behemoth
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Enduring The Massacre’ (Siege Of Amida 2010)
SONGs TO CHECK OUT: Despised And Disgraced, Yielding The Iron Fist, Judecca
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BigCartel

Today’s band of the day are Sussex bruisers Dyscarnate, who will support Fleshgod Apocalypse on their Terrorizer-sponsored tour in March.

When Wormrot played at the Old Blue Last in London last year, it turned out to be the album launch party for a young British death metal as well as an opportunity to see the Singapore grinders’. And in truth, it wasn’t the best gig you’ve ever seen. Shite sound plagued the whole affair, the room was half empty and the crowd rather flat. You’d have been completely forgiven for not being immediately blown away by these new bruisers based on that one show. There can be no such understanding for those unimpressed once the album dropped – Dyscarnate turned out to be fucking monstrous. As you can hear for yourself:

Judecca by Dyscarnate

The more straight-up strain of death metal tends to get slightly overlooked. For some reason, bands reviving that whole Swedish schtick or those being proggy/techy/brutal/br00tal/downtuned into inaudibility seem to be treated as more high-brow. Which, given even a fleeting listen to Dyscarnate, seems mad. Taking a stylistic lead from Dying Fetus and Behemoth, debut album ‘Enduring The Massacre’ was a textbook example of how to be devastating just by writing ballistically heavy songs – no need to have a tuning so low not even dogs can hear it, no self-indulgent fret-wankery, no daft song structures and no hardcore-style breakdowns (the pace variations here are what back int’ day were known as “slow bits”). Dyscarnate do it the hard way – breaking your body with song-writing and riff ideas alone.

There’s a host of talented British death metallers around just now, and Dyscarnate are one of the very best. They’re reported to have finished recording their second album ‘And So It Came To Pass’, so make sure you check it out when it drops, and go see them when they tour with Fleshgod.

The dates for that tour are:

Studio diary from Dyscarnate’s upcoming album:

March 6 – Plymouth, White Rabbit
March 7 – London, Purple Turtle
March 8 – Liverpool, The Masque
March 9 – Dublin, The Pint
March 10 – Huddersfield, The Parish
March 11 – Edinburgh, Bannermans
March 12 – Hull, The Ringside
March 13 – Derby, The Old Bell
March 14 – Cardiff, Bogiez

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