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Death Ray Vision is the new hardcore project featuring current members of Killswitch Engage (Mike D’Antonio) and Shadows Fall (Brian Fair) along with Pete Cortese (ex-Overcast) and former members of Cannae. Having recently released their five track debut EP Get Lost of Get Dead, Pete Cortese speaks to Jonathan Keane about how the project came to be.

How did Death Ray Vision form?
“It was an idea of Mike’s. He had some downtime from Killswitch Engage and he had a bunch of material written. He ended up contacting Brian and then me and it snowballed from there.” 

Were you, Brian and Mike not tempted to re-form Overcast again?
“Well, we did for a record a few years ago and we toured a bit on that. We just wanted to do something different because, although it’s similar, we don’t write it in that chaotic [style] anymore so it didn’t really feel right, writing songs as Overcast. I think it’s a lot different.”

How did Colin Conway [Cannae] and Zack Wells get involved?
“They’re just two really good players that we knew and we asked them if they were interested. It worked out. It was pretty easy to put the band together.” 

When did the five of you first get together and rehearse?
“We played as a four-piece, Zack is the newest member. He came on board right before we announced the band. He played with us once and then we put out all the press releases, whatever. Two weekends ago we hit the studio, so actually everything came together very quickly. You’re able to do that when you don’t have record labels slowing everything down ha ha!”

You worked with Benny Grotto in the studio, what was your relationship with him?
“He’s a friend of Zack’s and myself. He’s a local producer and he also plays drums in a band called Mother Boar. He does some really great work and he gave us a good deal on the studio time.”

Why did you decide to an EP instead of a full album?
“We just wanted to get some music recorded and maybe get some label interest and let people know what we were up to.” 

And has there been any label interest?
“A little bit. Everything’s really new at this point and we haven’t even played a show yet. There’s been some minor interest.”

Is there possibility of more new material this year?
“Since Killswitch is on a break until the fall, we’re talking about maybe going back into the studio and doing a full-length. We’re going to have to write more songs before that point and hopefully get someone else to pay for it [laughs].”

One of the shows you have coming up is a slot on The New England Hardcore 7 Metal Festival. What else is planned?
“We have one show before that, and then [some more] following that. It’s all stuff in Massachusetts, and it’s all we have booked at this point. But we’re definitely looking to play some more.”

What can we expect from the Death Ray Vision live show? Have you only these five songs?
“Well we have more than that. We only recorded five. We’re going to throw in a couple of covers as well, like some old hardcore stuff, should be fun.”

How does the status of Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall and their futures affect the future of Death Ray Vision?
“Well, we’re a side project from those two bands. It’s going to be limited in how much we can do, but that’s ok with me. It’s still fun.”

Is there anything you’re looking to do in music, personally, outside of Death Ray Vision?
“I haven’t really thought about it. I write a lot of songs but not necessarily in this style, like Seemless, hard rock sort of thing, I write a lot in that vein. But right now this is the only band I’m playing in. It’s all I have time for.”


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