5 Underground bands you must check out this week

By on 12 November 2012


It’s Monday and we’ve had a lot of emails from readers asking what underground bands they should be checkin’ out. We thought we’d just tell the five that sprung to mind.

Broken Teeth

Aggressively rabid underground hardcore outfit bustin’ straight out of Manchester. They’ve slogged it in toilet venues since 2007 but it’s as of the last year and tours with Terror and Brutality Will Prevail that have seen them catch wider attention.

Latest release: ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’ (Purgatory)

Witch Cult

Nasty powerviolence from the heart of Portsmouth. These guys may seem to pop up in small sludge and doom bills across London, but you’ll love them if you like the pace to be a little faster and bludgeoning.

Latest release: Witchcult/Drainland split tape

(Track one from Witch Cult’s 12″)

Walk Through Fire

Phenomenally crushing, this Swedish doom band completed a UK tour earlier this year and we’re certain they’ll leave their mark when they finally finish their next full-length.

Latest release: ‘Furthest From Heaven’ (Aesthetic Death)

I Like Bugs

Deptford crust punk; these guys know how to pack a punch live. Currently unsigned, but they are a regular feature on the London gig circuit so, keep an eye out!

Latest release: Fuck knows! Go and check them out…


Not to be mistaken with the Czech death metal band with the same name. These guys have opened for the likes of Nachtmystium, A Storm Of Light and Ufomammut. They blend psychedelic doom and black metal and it works a treat.

Latest release: ‘Branches In Earth, Roots In The Sky’

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