5 punk covers by metal bands

By on 15 January 2013

Though seen as entirely separate entities, punk and metal have been closer allies in the past than today’s rigidly genre-adhering bands.  If Slayer hadn’t fused their love of Judas Priest with their equal love of punk, then thrash would have been a very different affair.  Likewise, Napalm Death wouldn’t have been the same band without DIY attitudes, punk politics and Discharge’s incoherent rage.

Though it’s almost unheard of for punk bands to cover metal band, many of the classic 80s punk/hardcore bands dabbled in metal (DRI, Discharge, Amebix, etc).  The flipside to this is the rich history of metal bands covering punk songs.


Here are 5 of our favourites (in no particular order)

Soulfly ‘Ain’t No Feeble Bastard’ (Discharge cover)


At The Gates – Bister Verklighet (No Security cover)


Leviathan – My War (Black Flag cover)


Slayer – Abolish Government/Superficial Love (TSOL cover)


Sepultura – Drug Me (Dead Kennedys cover)



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