10 Essential Summer Solstice Tunes

By on 21 June 2012

So the, er, sun isn’t shining but today is the Summer Solstice and we thought we’d raid our record box to find the 10 best summer solstice tunes.

ALUNAH – ‘Circle of Stone’

The new Brum sensations know what summer is all about. Stuff the marquee! Whip up a monolith instead.

FIND IT ON: ‘Call Of Avernus’ (2010)

PAGAN ALTAR – ‘Pagan Altar’

There was a time when we’d sacrifice a virgin to worship the Sun. They’re a bit thin on the ground in modern Britain, so listen to this instead.

FIND IT ON: ‘Volume 1’ (1998)

IRON MAIDEN – ‘The Wicker Man’

You probably won’t find this in Summerisle tourist guide.

FIND IT ON: ‘Brave New World’ (2000)

MOGWAI – ‘Summer’

Yes, there is actually summer in Scotland, difficult as it is to believe. Sunlight is rarer than salad, so when it does arrive, these Glaswegians were there to capture it.

FIND IT ON: ‘Summer”/”Ithica 27ϕ9’ (1996)

SLEEP – ‘The Druid’

Leading the celebration at the midsummer bonfire would be the dude with the sickle, beard and roe. Think of an MC, but with less call-outs and more sacrifice.

FIND IT ON: ‘Sleep’s Holy Mountain’ (1993)

CHARGER – ‘Violent Summer’

With grim inevitability, Stoke’s noisy bastards Charger give us the soundtrack to dickheads having a punch-up because they support different football teams. It’s only a game, lads!

FIND IT ON: ‘Foul Year Of Our Lord’ (2000)

DEFTONES – ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’

If sunlight and socialising is not for you, tape up the windows and whack up the volume on this classic from the Sacramento legends.

FIND IT ON: ‘Around The Fur’ (1997)

GRAND MAGUS – ‘Summer Solstice’

The Scandinavians go for midsummer in a big way. A weekend dedicated to bonfires and boozing.

FIND IT ON: ‘Monument’ (2003)

SODOM – ‘Equinox’

Today marks the precise point of the longest day, and while this couldn’t be described as an epic, it’s vintage as can be.

FIND IT ON: ‘Obsessed By Cruelty’ (1986)


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