Diagnosis release video for ‘Soulmurder’

By on 24 September 2016

Mexico’s Diagnosis have released a video for ‘Soulmurder’ taken from their album ‘Sympathy for Disease’ released last year through db Metal Recording. You can buy a copy of Soulmurder here.

The band describe themselves as follows:

“The musical concept of Diagnosis aims to consolidate elements of Death Metal of the eighties and nineties, incorporating modern and classic elements of composition, based mainly on modern harmony, Multimodal mergers and polytonal progressions, aligned with current forms of different genres, ranging from jazz, blues and progressive rock, until ending this way in the Metal Music Style. For its part, the letters of the first material of the band are focused on mental pathologies, testimonials from patients with psychiatric problems and mysteries involving the human mind.”

Diagnosis are:

Isabel Romero –  Vocal
Erubey di Bello – Guitar/Music producer
Ever Nicolás – Guitar
Arturo Aguilar – Bass guitar
“Chaak” Rodiguez – Drums / Percussions


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