Crusty black metallers Rest release video for ‘II’

By on 25 November 2016

rest-600The video is for Rest‘s ‘II’, the second single taken from Rest’s self-titled debut EP, a collision of black metal and crust. ‘Rest’ is out on 27 November 2016 via Third I Rex. You can buy ‘Rest’ here.

The band, from Udine (Italy), started in 2014. Explaining the track, the band told us:

“The track is about the false idea of freedom mankind trust. Something which doesn’t exist as men were created and controlled by powers beyond their imagination. Subjugated by politics and lobbies which influence men’s life by taking them to suffer in poverty. The song is against lobbies and banks, which influence worldwide economies, politics, and wars aimed to erase life’s values by supporting money and the arrogant politics of some countries.

The music takes inspiration by primitive black metal as much as crust and old school grindcore in the same vein as bands such as All Pigs Must Die, Trap Them and The Secret.”

Rest is:

EFIS: Vocals
KOZ: Guitars


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