Cauldron – The Morning After

By on 29 November 2012


Cauldron fully rocking out

Cauldron fully rocking out

WHERE: London Barfly

HOW’S THE HEAD/NECK/VOICE? All present and correct.

THE VIBE: Surprisingly festive for a midweek show, with Monument’s less-than-subtle nods to Iron Maiden and stratospheric falsettos being the first to work their arena-ready magic on the Barfly. But it’s the retro, good-time grooves and lovably eccentric stage banter of Cauldron that whips the crowd into a frantic, hard-partying frenzy.

THE RIFFS: With electrifying solos and super-sized grooves in thick and fast supply, it’s a veritable feast for worshippers of the riff that’s as rich in nostalgia as it is gritty in delivery.  Despite a regrettably early set, Aussie thrashers Elm Street put on a performance worthy of a far loftier slot in tonight’s bill, with a nimble-fingered wealth of fretwork that adds a fresh dimension to this oftentimes derivative genre.  For all its crushing, Sabbath-esque swagger, Amulet’s weighty riffage comes off somewhat plodding and repetitive, while classic rock fiends Monument follow on with a rather unoriginal but infectiously hyperactive assault.  Led by Jason Decay’s quirky, instantly recognisable vocal leads, Canuck hell-raisers Cauldron waste little time in stirring up a smouldering barrage of grooves topped off with a choice selection of razor-wire soloing that’s refreshingly free from showy posturing.  From the Judas Priest-flavoured chug of early cut ‘Summon To Succumb’ to ‘Queen Of Fire’s’ monstrous blasts and anthemic, distortion-flecked choruses, the trio’s effortless ease of execution is rivalled only by the swaggering attitude displayed here in spades.

THE HANGOVER:  Thanks to poverty plus London beer prices, it’s an embarrassingly
manageable aftermath.

Words: Faye Coulman     Pics: Karen Toftera



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