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By on 12 July 2013

On Pain Of Death

I was turned onto On Pain Of Death after receiving a copy of their latest effort ‘Year Naught Doom’ on tape, courtesy of new Mancunian doom/sludge label Dry Cough. The Irish foursome emit that powerful, low end sludge riddled doom that leaves your bones rattling, your stomach unsettled and your surroundings in tatters. I had to find out more, so guitarist/vocalist Matt Bree answered my questions over email.

WHO ARE THEY: On Pain Of Death
WHERE ARE THEY FROM: Maigh Eo, Ireland
FOR FANS OF: Electric Wizard, Sleep, Conan
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Year Naught Doom’ (Dry Cough, 2013)

Who’s in On Pain Of Death and what do they do?
“OPoD is a couple of mates that got together with the intention of playing slow, filthy music.”

How did the band get together?
“The idea to start the band essentially started in a traffic jam in a horrible shithole in the midlands of Ireland in 2008. All of us, having been in bands beforehand, and having a penchant for the horrible misery that can be evoked by doom, decided to see if we could come up with something with our own brand of madness attached.”

Where does the band name come from?
“The band name is just a turn of phrase that appealed to us and fitted the intended aesthetic of what we wanted of the band.”

What turned you onto extreme music?
“Hard to say what turned us on to extreme music or to try and blame one particular moment. From being young and listening to certain bands and types of music it just progressed itself and we ended up in the gutter. We had been all listening to metal and had all been fans of bands like Reverend Bizarre, Electric Wizard, Esoteric as well as being good mates with the guys in Wreck Of The Hesperus so we took a notion to do something ourselves.”

What’s the scene like where you live?
“The scene in Ireland, as far as doom/sludge/filth goes, is great. There is podcast that a guy from the U.S of A did recently called The Soggy Bog and that has a great representation of Irish doom, sludge and all things heavy that really highlights how many great bands there is in Ireland and that’s just one sub-genre.”

Who are your inspirations as musicians?
“Our inspirations are just everyday happenings. The world and life right in front of you is easily the most horrendous thing that anyone will ever experience.”

Who or what are your inspirations as songwriters?
“The bands I already mentioned are the ones that initially inspired us but we found our own sound quite quickly and stopped looking to anyone else for inspiration.” 

Tell us a bit about your latest release, ‘Year Naught Doom’, on Dry Cough records?
“Our “latest release” has actually been done for quite a while and has been up for download but for one reason or another hasn’t had a physical release. Andy, Dry Cough, got in contact with us recently and showed interest in the band and was on for putting out the album on cassette, which we were more than happy to do. It’s great to see the resurgence that tape has had in the last few years. There is still intentions to put it out on vinyl but at the minute we’re just happy to have it out in a physical form. Andy has his head well screwed on and I’m looking forward to seeing how the label progresses.” 

What’s the plan for OPOD for the rest of 2013?

“No plans for 2013. Just take everything as it comes while always remembering There’s Blood on Satan’s Claw!!!!”


On Pain Of Death’s ‘Year Naught Doom’ is out now via Dry Cough.

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